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Comment Re:One-sided summary (Score 1) 101

The original poster wrote "It could have easily been written something like this:"

Meaning that if the company just went bankrupt the same article could be written, except everyone loses their jobs.

I suspect that the article submitter has some kind of idea that FitBit should include support for the products of the company that they purchased forever.

Comment Re:Is "game after game" grammatical? (Score 1) 62

The intent of this semi-famous sentence is that the horse was what fell, after it was raced past the barn...

From the "Garden path sentence" entry in Wikipedia:

This sentence relies on the ambiguity in English between the passive participle and past tense. Since raced is usually encountered as an active verb, the initial parsing of this sentence is the horse (noun phrase and subject) raced (active past-tense verb) past the barn (prepositional phrase), but this parsing cannot make sense of the word fell at the end of the sentence. The proper parsing is The horse (noun phrase) raced past the barn (participle phrase) fell (verb). More explicitly this sentence can be written as The horse that was raced past the barn fell, where that was raced past the barn tells the reader which horse is under discussion.

Comment Re:A little perspective (Score 1) 435

USA does not elect a president based on a majority of states. Rather the electoral college, which is tied to population.

So they believe that the minority of states that they predict Clinton will win is enough to win the race by a landslide. And of course we know the electoral counts for each state, so we can confirm independently that if they are right about which states she wins, then we can assume she will win in a landslide.

Comment Re:how about (Score 1) 255

I think you're missing the point. The humorous article says: "there is no mention of the "moon" anywhere in literature or historical documents -- anywhere -- before 1950"

Clearly, there are lots of references, because the moon actually exists. You don't have to refute a humor piece.

Comment Link to more than one word from Clapper (Score 1) 296

It seems most have already made up their minds about this topic. However, I was curious about what he actually said...

I RTFA and found it lacking in that detail, only quoting the single word "erroneous" from his correction attempt.

This link has more about his rational:

Comment Re:Since when (Score 1) 295

If he felt this way, I would think a good first step would not be to steal all the classified data he can gather and release it.
Maybe, talk to your supervisor, something like that?

This guy really seems like he is trying to be famous vs. honorable.

Comment Re:Beware PS1, PS2 (PS3) backwards compatibility (Score 1) 129

Let me get this straight, you spent hundreds of bucks to repurchase games that you owned because the backwards compatibility in your PS3 didn't work for one graphically intense portion of a PS2 game?

I am in a similar situation and have not ever had a problem with PS3 rendering of PS2 games. However I have worried for a while about what will happen to my PS2 (PS1, too...although I really don't play those much anymore) collection when my PS3 inevitably reaches EOL. Recently I bought a new PC with a nice graphics card and it can emulate PS2 games at speed. This is a great option; and one you should look into for the future.

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