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Comment Great Grammar There. (Score 4, Insightful) 596

Did Slashdot really receive only one submission for this story? It's really a horrible selection to put on the front page, given its horrible grammar.

Engadget has an interview with Jack Valenti, the outgoing president of the MPAA and the object of hatred for many hacker after he took he on DVD Jon, who is retiring tomorrow after more than three decades on the job.

He took he? On DVD Jon, who is retiring tomorrow?

when he says stuff like

Yeah, shame on Engadget, and stuff.

but it is at least slightly encouraging to hear that he owns a TiVo.

This is similar to the MS Security Manager running Firefox news bit. Because Jack Valenti owns and enjoys a TiVo, means he condones all aspects of the technology? No, it's more likely Jack Valenti likes to use a TiVo as a new-fangled VCR.

Let's see what Google turned up:

"The MPAA, NFL and other sports leagues attempted to convince the agency that the devices pose a threat to copyrighted works and could be used to broadcast games where they are blacked out. FCC commissioners disagreed, finding that the fears were unfounded. MPAA chief Jack Valenti, who will step down next month, personally lobbied all five commissioners, FCC sources said."

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