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Comment There are great ways to achieve this... (Score 1) 347

...but they'll never see the light of day on /. Too many smart-ass wannabees flinging their feces at others...and likely to "not want to be bothered" with pre-coding design, or meaningful comments, or a "design document" prior to writing code against which the final result can be compared...and frequently updated.

Having been a programmer since 1961, I have developed lots of skills in teaching others. Having a trusted mentor is vital...someone with whom one can have a discussion, in-the-moment, about how to make decisions like "top-down" vs. "bottom-up." About leaving a trail of explanations "why" both in the code, and in all supporting documents. Good basic foundation in the principles of programming, irrespective of language, like Bohm-Jacopini...and it's variants. Practicing how to visualize a nascent program in execution, at multiple levels of granularity. All are essential...and I've probably missed a few.

Comment Re:The calm before the storm (Score 1) 398

The forecast destruction of the American economy from one technological advance or another has been accurately forecast future economic strength exactly ZERO times, since the founding of the United States of America. Most economic reversals have come from financiers and banks (e.g., 1929, 2008, et. al.) lining their own pockets through variations on the Ponzi scheme.

Comment Re:Haters gonna hate. (Score 3, Informative) 398

So, you think that "employment" is an instantaneous measure of political prowess? Here'n all, I was under the mistaken premise of large-economy economics that it takes lots of work to create a sustainable grows in jobs, like more than the first two months. Gee, I wonder why it took Obama so-o-o long to reverse the downward spiral in jobs he inherited from Bush...probably not very good at his job, I suppose.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 4, Insightful) 398

You assert "Well most businessmen are republicans." First, I'm curious where that statistic comes from...and I would discount the Republican party as a valid source.

More importantly, I believe you can more validly say, "Well most business men are greedy, and the larger the business, the greedier they are, and in pursuit of their greed, they grease the palms of the Republicans in office."

Comment What a Stupid Way to Evaluate Programmers! (Score 1) 1001

I have written programs in over 50 (programming) languages, and probably well over 5,000 different products, from local scripts to big team efforts. I have no memory of how the code appears; it's done, I Iorget it...but I don't forget the methods and practices I've honed over the years. Most of my experience is with Procedural languages; throw me the requirement to use one of the Functional languages, or some unique Operating Systems' scripting language, and I'd be lost. On the other hand, CHOOSING the right language for the need (e.g., a real-time transaction-processor versus a Linear-programming solver) is a key part of the job.

In fact, it knowing more about which algorithms are useful, and which are not, for a particular class of application. That's the issue, because choosing the right language is a key part of doing the job most efficiently. And, even more relevant than "writing a sample program" is debugging: A large part of most programmers' jobs is actually trying to decipher somebody ELSE's code, to find the defect(s) and repair it (them).

Comment Re:Shift from offering products to exploiting user (Score 2) 156

Absolute agreement. Every since the Neanderthals on Wall Street started dictating policy to Fortune 500's (and small firms let it trickle down to them), we've been at a growing war with the 1%. Latest news says there are SIX people who have more wealth than the bottom 50% of population of the WORLD! Their interests are served first. And, yes, Marx predicted that. Now, it's our job to get vocal, get active, and take our Democracy back, including the fundamental Constitutional right to privacy that has been so eroded by lawyers (and politicians, who are mostly made up of the lawyer class) in the past decades. And, not just in the U S of A, but throughout the world. It's pitchforks time, folks, and time to bring the corrupt interests (Exxon, GE, Microsoft, and thousands of others, and their kin in other countries) to heel. We, the masses, need to hone our skills at defeating their self-serving game.

Read George Lakott's take:

Comment Re:Left and right (Score 1) 156

Glad you used AC to post, because you assertions are utterly false. Silicon Valley is a hot-bed of people on the left, and it's been that way since the 1960's. Who do you think actually INVENTED most of the basis for new technology. Sure most of it was based on a Brit (think of Alan Turing), but the capital was in San Francisco, and most of those capitalists are (and were) left-wing thinkers, interested in making money by delivering stupendous new products/services. It's only LATER that Wall Street, and their greed, on into the act, and they are decidedly Republican, virtually to a man (of course, no women allowed).

I've been LIVING this stuff since 1961 (started on a vacuum-tube based RCA 301!) and I've watched it. What I can't abide is your attributions that are informed by mere ignorance. And, no, I don't post anonymously, because I'm confident of my facts.

Comment Start by Stating Your Expectations with your Resum (Score 1) 435

Sure, in my earliest years, I was accumulating experience (I remember having the title "Junior Programmer"), but once I was valuable, I named my own price. My last decades were as a consultant, and I peaked out at $2,000/day, because I had letters of recommendation from major executives (with phone numbers, so prospective clients could call them; the never did, but that was often a convincer.

The 1%-ers win because there's always some jerk who will accept their offer, no matter how demeaning it is. Turn the tables: Spend all you time performing, and learning how to perform even better, and ask superiors (the highest-level you dare approach; preferably "CxO") for letters of recommendation that describe how much money the company made and continue to makes, because of your work. The best time to ask is right when the project is about to become that "all hands" push near the end...they NEED you then, and if you promise not to leave for some time, they'll give you the kind of recommendation you can use a year later, when the project's been long done.

Some tricks from a well-paid consultant, now happily retired.

Comment Re:Easy answer (Absolutely!) (Score 1) 489

The 1%, who control the budgets of corporations, have no interest in spending enough money to attract customers, no matter what their individual GUI/platform is. They firmly believe that "OSFA" (One Size Fits All). Yea, I'm looking at YOU, Wells Fargo. A GUI that is equally unsuited for all platforms.

Corporations are focused on THEIR margins. Most fail to answer one question correctly: "What is the first thing you must have to be a successful company?" They'll answer "Money" (or "Capital"), "Product" or "Service," or "cheap employees," etc. There is but one answer that is correct: CUSTOMERS. If you have no customers, everything else is irrelevant. But, if you're just an investor, you have no interest in customers, you have only your own wealth as the focal point of your interests. And, investors insist on larger dividends (or rises in stock value), which motivates corporations to cheapen everything, including "customer service" (now an oxymoron).

And there is the driver for unusable UIs: Focus on lowering expenses in IT development, without paying attention to what attracts more customers, but might cost more. So long as customers are an afterthought, the same UI mistakes will keep being made.

Comment Plutocrat Pricing (Score 1) 105

The Pixel has been a dog because it's wicked over-prices (and, you get to give them all your data, too!)
So, it seems to me, this announcement is about how they're going to perform a Solomnic cutting of the baby into two equally incomplete devices, and charge more money for each!

What could go wrong with That Idea???

Comment Self-serving, Much? (Score 1) 503

Microsoft has lost all credibility with me, and I'll give up on Windows 7 when I need some third-party software that won't run on Windows 7. I don't expect that to be very soon. Microsoft's greed knows no bounds: I buy my computer...and they want to have sole authority over how I am allowed to use it with their software. I buy my own products, but M$ deems it essential that I be a data source for their sale of information about me, collected without my permission from my computer. They have removed all customer rights from their "agreements," so they now hold all the rights, and I am left without legal protection from further offensive actions on their part.

I am retired now (after 55 years in the computer industry), and they treat me as a bottomless revenue source, without bothering to communicate with me...or, through their lack of competent support, my ability to communicate with them. (Fortunately, I've removed most of the spyware--aka telemetry "updates"--they've foisted of on me, and blocked known harvesting IP addresses from accessing my network.

We, as an industry, allowed Microsoft to become so arrogant and self-serving, by continuing to buy their progressively-more-invasive and bug-laden products, and rewriting all their "license" terms to eliminate any rights I may have had. It took me a full six months to finally resolve all the Windows Update bugs they distributed to their customers over the past two years.

If I am forced to change my operating system and security systems, because they build in "alternate routes" through my defenses, it will be to Linux or Android. At least, then, I'm not PAYING to be abused.

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