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Comment No prediction (Score 1) 186

After watching that video, it's clear that "Autopilot" didn't predict anything. When the lead car suddenly stopped, it was obscured by the car in front of the Tesla. The Tesla detected the stopped car just before the second car collided with it, and warned the driver that they were approaching a stopped car too quickly.

Comment Re:Facebook is poisoned brand with gamers (Score 1) 116

Agreed. No way in hell I'm installing any Facebook "platform" on my PC. I've no doubt however that this has something to do with FB owning Occulus. Occulus already has it's own game distribution platform though. Possibly they will merge and Occulus users will eventually be forced to use the Facebook platform. Good thing I went with the HTC.

Comment Autopilot? Or Auto Braking (Score 2) 219

From the sound of it. Autopilot was not engaged and it was auto braking that saved the day. They were not on a freeway or highway, they were on a street with intersections where pedestrians might cross. Not autopilot territory. Auto braking happens even when auto pilot is not enabled or engaged. Auto braking is available on several other car makes.

Comment No intention to subscribe for one show (Score 2, Insightful) 161

I'm a lifelong Star Trek fan. I'm looking forward to a new series but I don't have high hopes for this new series to be any good. Jar Jar Abrams has ruined the movie franchise (for me) and I expect this new series to be equally bad. However, even if the series stays true to Star Trek and is a huge success, I have no intention of subscribing to CBSs streaming service just to watch one show. I expect I'll be able to find this series on any Torrent site as easily as any other TV show. I already subscribe to cable, Netflix and Amazon. The idea that I might have to subscribe separately to each network is ridiculous and I'm hoping that CBS All Access fails completely. If they made the episodes available on a service I already use or even for $2 an episode on iTunes like most other shows, I would pay to watch. When will the studios realize that creating barriers to viewing only pushes people to piracy.

Comment ridiculous (Score 0) 729

I build a new PC only every 3-5 years with only a few parts upgrades now and then during that time. Yeah, it takes a few hours to research and purchase parts and then a few hours to assemble it all but you end up with something far better than any console. It takes no effort to stay up to specs for new games. I'm still on a 4770K and it still plays games just fine.

Comment Mugger with Facebook on his phone (Score 0) 140

I assumed this was happening all along. This example, https://tech.slashdot.org/stor... A man found his mugger because they were both in the same place at the same time. I doubt they had any other friends in common. Lessson here is, if you want to be anonymous, disable location services and/or data services.

Comment Unfortunately. Yes. (Score 0) 307

My company still passes around a pager even though we all have cell phones. The reasoning is that the pager will reach areas that don't have good cellular coverage. I don't like carrying the extra item around, but I do find that without it I would miss most text messages or emails on my phone since the pager is much louder.

Comment Re:Dark Matter? (Score 0) 73

I ain't exactly made up my mind yet, but given a choice between Dark Matter and "Some other explanation" I think that some other explanation is much more likely. What angers me is articles like this that accept Dark Matter as a given. The article mater of factly states that Dark Matter is present in these Galaxy formations when in fact there is no way for them to know that since there is no way to detect dark matter.

Comment I whitelist nothing and have no remorse (Score 3) 351

I have no guilt about using Ad Blockers. Advertisements have become so pervasive and invasive that they are literally ruining any experience they touch. I got a TiVo so I could avoid spending a quarter of my TV time watching Ads I got an Ad blocker when web Ads started becoming obnoxious and distracting. I for one would rather not have any Ad supported services. I'd rather pay for services like YouTube and Facebook than have to put up with the Ads. If web services lose revenue over Ad blockers, they should offer users a way to Pay for the service in exchange for an Ad free experience. IMO "Ad supported" might as well be "supported by clubbing baby seals". Both are evil and should be stopped. Elon Musk would seem to agree with me. "he refuses to advertise for Tesla, something most startup car companies wouldn’t think twice about—because he sees advertising as manipulative and dishonest."

Comment Bypass the 5th amendment (Score 1) 356

It occurs to me that if you use a good passcode to lock your phone, a law enforcement or intelligence agency cannot compel you to give up the passcode if you don't want to. But they can take your fingerprint or use your finger to unlock it by force if necessary. All without violating your rights or the 5th amendment. I would prefer a fingerprint AND a passcode required together.

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