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Comment Re:mapping and neutralizing simulated bombs... (Score 1) 60

Thanks. The US expenditures is a joke. What a waste.



where you can the at the Nationmaster list is topped by Israel, understandably. That would rank them as the 25th state in expendures in the US.

Norway, the 3rd on the list spends $883 per person and year. That would give them rank 43rd in the US.

The formerly glorious United Kingdom would be second last among the US states...

Why not make the economy stronger? China will win this race within a one hundred year, but not because of a stronger army...

Comment mapping and neutralizing simulated bombs... (Score 0, Offtopic) 60

"US teams dominated the MAGIC 2010 autonomous robotics competition, mapping and neutralizing simulated bombs at the 250,000 sq. meter" Hhmmmm... Am I the only one who remember the days when US stood for solidly made goods? I havent bought anything worth more than $100 labeled "Made in USA" in four years. All the taxpayers money seem to be destined to blow things up. It is no wonder China will surpass the US in less than 10 years. Hhhhmmmm. "mapping and neutralizing simulated bombs at the 250,000 sq. meter". How useful is that?! What Arizona didn't want the competition?!

Comment Since I was very young (Score 1) 98

Some have the attitude for juggling with exabytes. Since I was very young I've realized I never wanted to be human size. So I avoid the crowds and traffic jams. They just remind me of how small I am. Because of this longing in my heart I'm going to start the growing art. I'm going to grow now and never stop. Think like a mountain, grow to the top. Tall, I want to be tall. As big as a wall. And if I'm not tall, then I will crawl. With concentration, my size increased. And now I'm fourteen stories high, at least. Empire State Human! Just a born kid, I'll go to Egypt to be the pyramids. Brick by brick. Stone by stone. Growing till I'm fully grown. Fetch more water. Fetch more sand. Biggest person in the land. The Human League.

Comment Shopping malls (Score 1) 207

Technically, they probably carefully avoided a tech savvy Slashdot crowd.

By targetting parking lots outside large shopping malls outside the city centers I am sure they attack people listening to Britney Spears rather those rolling their own kernels. The chance of duping someone there seems more likely to me.

Hmmm. Next /. poll. How often do you visit shopping malls.

1. Every day.
2. Several times a week
3. Several times a month
4. A few times every year
5. Grok you?

Comment LOL (Score 1) 260

LOL. I was trying to avoid that, but realize the my bloody foot is aching. The "golf-ball surface" is annoying too. Surely, someone has a better resolution image somewhere. The so-called Face on Mars ( was defaced here I am sure this "biosphere" must be defaced too, somewhere.

Comment Re:Human starship has already landed on Mars? (Score 1) 260

One of those pictures shows the "Wolfe Creek":, which is a "relatively well-preserved crater that is partly buried under wind blown sand. The crater is situated in the flat desert plains of north-central Australia. Its crater rim rises ~25 meters above the surrounding plains and the crater floor is ~50 meters below the rim. Oxidized remnants of iron meteoritic material as well as some impact glass have been found"

However, it does not retain anything like a dome, or, a droplet frozen in action due to heat... And, the steep rim to the crater floor shows no major signs of erosion. Next explanation, please.

Comment But, DirectX 11 in Vista too (Score 2, Informative) 369

But, DirectX 11 will be supported on Vista too.

"To be fair, the OS upgrade requirement also threw a wrench in the gears. That won't be a problem this time, as Vista still sucks but will be getting DX11 support and Windows 7 looks like a better upgrade option for XP users than Vista. Developers who haven't already moved from DX9 may well skip DX10 altogether in favor of DX11 depending on the predicted ship dates of their titles, all signs point to DX11 as setting the time frame we start to see the revolution promised with the move to DX10 take place. Developers have had time to familiarize themselves with the extended advantages of programmability offered by DX10, coding for DX11 will be much easier though OOP constructs and multithreaded support, and if the features don't entice them, the ability to run on downlevel hardware with a better coding environment might just seal the deal."

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