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Comment Re:in no other country in the world (Score 1) 150

Prosecuting the leakers is indeed correct, but let me clarify some things:
  • the leak may not only come from judges and staff, but from private agencies which perform the tapping by the judges' appointment, as well. In fact, this has happened in at least one case: some recordings (involving the centre-left opposition) which should have been destroyed (according to the law) were passed on to the premier's brother and published.
  • most of the time, the recordings get to the news after they have already become public (being part of the evidence in a public trial) - therefore, it's misleading to speak about "letting out the information", it's out already. This is the reason why they want to stop the recordings to be acquired in the first place.

Comment Re:Captain Obvious To The Rescue! (Score 1) 150

they'd have a very difficult time denying the accuracy of your report.

Ahah you obviously don't know berlusconi and his lackays; they are well accustomed at denying facts for which hard evidence exists, e.g. pretending he has never said something for which there are public recordings available, and the like. I'll let you draw your conclusions.

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