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Comment Re:Acronym peeve (Score 2, Interesting) 175

British/Australian journalists might be a bit more flexible with the language. You can say 'Nato' and 'Nasa'. They've practically become words in their own right. This isn't the case for DDoS and PC though. You can't pronounce them as anything other than initialisms, which is exactly what they are. It's only an acronym if it forms a word. KGB, CIA, KFC - initialisms. LASER, SCUBA, SeAL - acronyms.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 3, Interesting) 315

And then Muhammad later went to war with the Jewish tribes with which he had previously formed political bonds, because they had violated the agreement, and with Christians because they refused to respect his religious choice.

I'm no Muslim, in fact I'm an atheist and think the whole business of organised religion has been proven by history to be dangerous beyond compare, but I don't think it's fair to say that the Muslims in these countries are betraying the word of Muhammad just because those were his initial stances.

But by the same token I think it's important that Muslims recognise Muhammad's openness. He fought with the Jews and Christians that were around him and ridiculing/betraying him; not with Judaism and Christianity as a whole. I think the Imams have a lot to answer for, and so do our own leaders. No one is innocent here except those who are being fooled by those who would deny them knowledge, and thus dream themselves their masters.

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 1) 545

Wouldn't it only be fraud if you paid and received the service for which you paid just to keep the service and take your money back?

That's one type of fraud. There are many others. Example: I work for a technology exchange company in the UK, and if one of our outlets has a customer sell something to us and sign for it, but using someone else's account, the customer is committing an act of fraud.

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