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Comment The Kernel? (Score 1) 345

Does this mean that the Kernel is irrelevant? Seriously, this is the stupidest argument ever. They also cannot live without each other. As far as what Ubuntu community produces, Ubuntu and Debian have much different users. I would nearly guarantee that every user of Debian knows one programming language. The same is not true for Ubuntu. Lets move on to the next retarded Linux /. post.

Comment Re:Isn't it all about options? (Score 1) 361

So, apparently all of these apps are nothing: Docky, Gnome Do, Tomboy, Banshee, Beagle, Unity3D Framework - and the many games made with that, Sims 3. Im pretty sure even Realtime World (crackdown guys) use mono. THATS JUST WITH MONO not even the rest of .Net BUT NO nothing good was ever made with C#/.Net/Mono. BTW last time, I checked Mono was installed with Ubuntu .... its a wee bit popular. The word "breaks" is kinda vague too but whatever.

>So using Mono to allow otherwise foreign code to run is unobjectionable.

Holy shit. What do you think you do every time you download a package? Sure you think its not bad, but you really have no idea. Its always "foreign." You don't know shit about what it does. You only know what it should do. Even if you compile from source, unless you look at every FUCKING line of code you will never be sure.


SAS Named Best Company To Work For In 2010 183

theodp writes "If you're in the market for a new job, Fortune has just published its list of 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2010. Topping the list this year is SAS (SAS jobs), the largest privately held software company, which Fortune notes is populated with more statisticians than engineers or MBAs, and led by a Ph.D. founder whose first love is programming. Google (jobs), which once viewed SAS as model for employee perks, took the #4 spot, and Microsoft (jobs) checked in at #51."

Comment Re:Please explain to me (Score 1) 345

IF WE COULD CLONE STUFF.... That would be like making a hamburger with razors just so that when they pirate it they die. Granted some people might deserve a punch to the face, but still that might be a bit extreme. There is software that will die after a few minutes of use if its pirated. I believe C&C games used to do this. At the same time, I get what you are saying. However, at the same time if you made your software unpirateable something would just take its place. Take Photoshop for instance, if you couldn't pirate Photoshop, you would simply download gimp. I think people blame pirating for there problems rather then look at why. Photoshop .... to expensive for the average user. Multiple copies of software to run on diffrent devices(Left 4 Dead XBOX and PC). At the end of the day, yes stealing the software is wrong. However, that doesn't mean he would have bought it anyway.

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