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The Internet

Submission + - What's a good Web CMS to use?

Butterspoon writes: "I have been asked to create a simple website for a nonprofit organisation. Formerly, I have tackled this sort of project by writing custom code in PHP to render the standard elements of the site, and edit the main content by directly editing the PHP/HTML of the pages. But with a site that needs to be updated by nontechnical users, this is not a suitable option, and it seems like reinventing the wheel to write custom content management code. But the plethora of options out there is bewildering, so my question to the Slashdot community is, what is the state of the CMS game these days? What CMSes do you have experience with, what's good for this purpose and what's not? Naturally, I am looking for a FOSS/LAMP solution that will provide acceptable performance on a budget VPS."

Submission + - Everything you need to know about IPv6

Butterspoon writes: "Ars Technica is running an excellent article entitled "Everything you need to know about IPv6", which should be regarded as essential reading for anyone who is overly comfortable with their IPv4 addresses. From the artice:

As of January 1, 2007, 2.4 billion of those [IPv4 addresses] were in (some kind of) use. 1.3 billion were still available and about 170 million new addresses are given out each year. So at this rate, 7.5 years from now, we'll be clean out of IP addresses; faster if the number of addresses used per year goes up.
Are you ready for IPv6?"

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