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Comment Re:Want big Hollywood movies? Eliminate Hollywood (Score 1) 144

I'm one of those people that, for the most part, would just drop media if piracy became more difficult than it's worth. The problem is that I believe there is a large percentage of Gen Y/Millennials that could actually go without paid media. Hell, the argument in favor of cable cutting had appeal when it was just Youtube.

Comment 1994 was 21 years ago (Score 1) 136

I was born when some of you guys were discovering Linux for the first time, so I can't say I've had decades of experience with any of the old-school distros. I had heard of it before, but I started giving Linux some on-and-off tries in 2006, mainly Arch and Fedora before ultimately settling on Xubuntu for both my laptop and desktop, with Windows remaining on a separate drive on the desktop for certain applications (totally not video games or anything!). Since then, every time I need to, for whatever reason, wipe or replace my system drive, I've given a new distro a shot. After Xubuntu came Crunchbang (R.I.P.), then Debian sid, then Mint MATE. Now I've settled back into Arch Linux with KDE for my desktop system, Arch with MATE for my laptop, and Debian/Raspbian for my project servers, but after some issues with dumb things the Arch devs have done (kernel being compiled with a version of gcc not available in the repos yet, which makes every module compile shit itself), I may take the plunge and actually install and use Gentoo on my desktop system next time something drastic happens. While I value the philosophical aspects of Linux and other FLOSS operating systems, I like it more at the technical level; something is appealing about no part of the system really being 'native,' and where (GNOME dependencies aside) even something as vital as the init system is replaceable. That, and package management is lovely in the current age of the World Wide Web, to the point where even Microsoft toyed around with the idea of a pretty half-assed package management system for Windows 10 called OneGet. Modern video games are spreading to Linux too, which has spurred efforts to improve video drivers, and while Steam and the games it installs may be proprietary, even Richard Stallman said it could do good and lead to an increase in usership. I still keep Windows around for some games and the odd times I actually have to open something with MSOffice in particular, but I make sure to keep Windows quarantined to its own drive. I may not have installed Slackware off a few dozen 3 1/2" floppies, but put me down as one of you goofy freetard nutters.

Comment Pfft (Score 1) 196

I'm a 20-something and a huge amount of my generation's pop music is terrible, and probably so is your's. You're right in that there's now a huge amount of selection, both of current and old music, but most of the good music is away from the bigger musical spotlights. Pop music of every generation is soulless garbage though.

Comment Fuck The Olympics (Score 1) 232

Video games shouldn't be added simply so they're not even more stigmatized by the public and the media. The International Olympic Committee stands for nothing more than corruption and the breeding of children into pets that can do very specific tricks, win a medal, and 1) make money by being the face of sponsored cheap processed human chow if they're very lucky and good, or 2) fall into obscurity after training their entire life to be good at one arbitary physical activity. It's a human version of the Westminster Dog Show, but with slightly less inbreeding.

Comment Re:I hate electronics consumer culture (Score 1) 269

Yes, if you're going to partake in frequently updating your consumer electronics, at least have the decency to sell or give away your old stuff. Reuse beats the hell out of recycle. Given the explosion in mobile phones for impoverished peoples (India and parts of Africa immediately come to mind), people will happily buy any phones. Manufacturers are currently rushing to create the perfect $30-40 smartphone, but donating an old Nokia sitting in your closet can help hold someone over until someone perfects the cheapo smartphone, if not satisfy all of their immediate needs.

Comment Re:Wrong conclusion (Score 1) 269

Android phone user here (Oneplus One), most Android phones have fucking terrible DACs, short of HTC's devices. And your Archos tablet in question is very uncommon, using the same sorts of tiny HDDs that the iPod Classic used. Almost all Android devices I've seen besides Archos tablets all use flash storage which rarely comes larger than 64GB on high end devices, and currently even if other PMPs have microSD slots supporting 128GB cards, the iPod Classics can beat them in capacity. The only portable (as in pocketable) music player than I know of with decent build quality, storage capability greater than 128GB, and a good DAC is the iPod Classic.

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