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Journal Bushido Hacks's Journal: AOL Leak Cancels Weird Al Premere

This morning while listening to the Bob and Tom radio show, you may have heard Al declare the world premere of the "White and Nerdy" music video on AOL this evening. Well, because the video was leaked out onto the Internet before the premere, Al canceled the premeire according to his blog on MySpace. The video had found its way onto YouTube as well as several songs from his latest album that Al did not approve of. Al canceled the premiere just hours before it was scheduled to go online.

According to Al's MySpace Blog:

I can understand songs leaking, but a video? How'd THAT happen?

RIAA has ordered YouTube to take down the video which was uploaded onto the P2P video website called

The fact that an entire video was pirated before the album's release should raise security concerns for AOL users and could delay Straight out of Lynnwood, schedule to be released September 26.

Someone at AOL has some explaining to do!

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AOL Leak Cancels Weird Al Premere

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