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Comment Re:Time and Place (Score 1) 276

Damn straight. And since the US now officially supports countries prosecuting people under their own laws for crimes committed anywhere on the planet, regardless of whether it's a crime there or not, then all you Americans who've had extra-marital sex can pack per bags! You're all off to Iran for your 100 lashes.

Comment It's our fault, just as much... (Score 3, Interesting) 512

... as it is that of the browser vendors. As web developers, we NEVER should have coded to anything but the W3C standards. Browsers would have been forced to fall in line, and this fascinating banter would never have been necessary. While I have always tried to just code to the standards, I can understand the position other are in, with their PHBs squeezing them to do stupid things.

Though it'd never happen, I'd like to see W3C monitor all web content, and have the power to issue DNS deregistration notices to all non-compliant sites.

Dear Sir,

we have determined that you site,, is not compliant with the W3C 'xhtml1-transitional' standard it claims to implement. You are advised that you have 14 days in which to make the aforesaid site fully compliant. Failure to do so will result in the immediate suspension of your Domain Name registration, until such time your compliance is proven.

Have a pleasant day.

Comment It's not about the cost. (Score 3, Interesting) 458

All the good folk who are say they can "get a better machine, for less, and it's even got Windoze installed!" just totally miss the point.

There are many people out there like me who'd happily pay EXTRA to get a machine that is completely free of Micro$oft or Apple, and doesn't count as a sale for either of them. I will not contribute to either of these organisations in any way.

Comment Futile Comparison (Score 1, Insightful) 237

It always amuses me when people see M$ patching a bunch of vulns, and then make a comment like 'But Umbuntu (sic) is much worserer! It patched ( m$_vulns + 10 ) this month!'... or vice versa.

With Linux distos, you can pretty much count on the count being pretty much accurate, due to the defacto auditing that occurs as a function of the open source methodology.

In comparison, M$'s counts are basically meaningless, unless you are one of those gullible fanbois who believe M$ would never lie. Ever.

It's all about disclosure. Disclosure in open source is real, disclosure by the likes of M$ and Apple is pretty much based on what makes them look the best in the marketplace.

Comment Re:Having played since launch (Score 2, Interesting) 119

That kind of PVP is all and good, but for those of us in Oz and other far flung reaches, with normal ping times of 250-300 ms, we just can't compete with the LPBs in the US. So PVP, even if I liked it, would be a total waste of time. As for the game in general, the noob area was fantastic. Exquisite graphics, interesting quests with voice acted interactions, mature content. All this fell apart once you left the noob area. And the notorious 10k ping problem. It became totally unplayable. I left. Did they ever get that 10k ping issue fixed?

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