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Comment 3 Bill (Score 1) 294

I never use an MS product aside from the XBox by choice, and I use OSX daily, but I think Bill Gates is a legitimately OK dude. I think if he made a return to MS, he could really turn things around for them, particularly with the lessons that Apple has taught the industry.

Also, it occurs me that such an obviously massive geek could be the antidote to the ultra-consumer tech. industry.

Comment Actually, I can deal with this (Score 1) 205

Reader fans can liberate their data and they've had years of free service. I know, because I am one. But if making pissy comments on a /. article makes you guys feel better, who am I to deprive you of that?

Consider this: would a company dedicated to RSS, in the way that Evernote is dedicated to notes, have been able to maintain a free service for as long?

Comment Wise words (Score 1) 369

This is pretty much how I view all markets. If microtransactions were so distasteful, there'd BE no market for them. For my part, I only buy games that I've heard good things about, and I haven't paid for any DLC in around a year, and I'm primarily a console gamer. There's plenty enough information out there that nobody can really claim to be "suckered" into buying a game that's poor quality, or half-or-more DLC.

Also, Penny Arcade writes with similar sentiments:

Comment It's nothing but the hipster vote (Score 1) 295

This happens pretty much every update cycle. The new OS is still terrible and unfamiliar and incompatible, and the old OS still has good availability. The only difference this time is that somebody wrote an article about.

For the record: I'm an OSX, Android and 360 user. I don't particularly LIKE MS, but this is not the world-shaking revelation that the article and the rest of the comments are going to make it out to be.

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