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Comment Re:surely, you're joking (Score 3, Insightful) 184

It's not for cars/vehicles either. Honda's first ten years or so they imported only motorcycles, they managed to gain a foothold here due to their reliability and high quality, the early Honda bikes are all still sought after and fairly expensive. Most of the Japanese car makers had early struggles to gain acceptance due to the reputation Japan gained immediately after WWII as being an exporter of cheap/poor quality goods as it was trying to rebuild it's economy. Also the fact that the culture of Japanese car design was very different from the US's at the time... As big as possible with as much horsepower as possible compared to lightweight efficient simple designs. The quality of Japanese motors/cars was never an issue, it was just perception and creating a market for a different type of vehicle which hindered their early reputation..

Comment Re:surely, you're joking (Score 5, Informative) 184

Yeah I'm gonna have to disagree with this. I tend to think your friend is just more fond of his profit margins with Chinese goods. I have a "fallback" job with a construction company and mainly do plumbing when working there. In general we use Chinese materials but on government/military jobs we have to use US materials. I'll tell you now the difference is night and day in terms of quality, on top of prevailing wage it's a joy working these jobs just due to how much better the quality of the US stuff is.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 403

Seriously, if you really want to help Linux hardware support donate $50 to the foundations/projects/organizations that are actually responsible for writing and maintaining kernel code, and driver modules. That $50 dollars will go a lot further penny for penny in the hands of the community than in Dell's pocketbook.

Comment Re:We NEED Processor Competition (Score 1) 331

Perhaps you mean since Phenom II was butting it out pretty much head to head with Intel's Nephalem based chips. Which was just 3 years ago, as opposed to the 9 years you are suggesting.

If you don't understand why AMD is the only company that can compete with Intel I suggest you look into the history of why AMD was/is allowed to continue manufacturing Intel compatible chips, and you might as well read about the 64 bit architecture that Intel uses while you're at it.

Comment Re:Samsung's relationship (Score 3, Informative) 331

Yup, entire article (if you can call it that) is garbage. Not even really clear to me what they're trying to say... "Qualcomm dominates this space"? what does that even mean? Qualcomm has no slice of the x86 market, Adreno GPU a success where AMD failed? Ummm... pretty sure Qualcomm needed a quality chip to integrate into it's Snapdragon and AMD was happy to sell one, unless AMD had some secret ARM program that they were planning on taking over the mobile market with that didn't succeed that I never heard of.

Comment Re:iSuppli ignores recent history (Score 1) 513

I did buy multiple thousand dollar Dual CPU G5 machines, the day before they were discontinued and for a considerable time after, as I had an existing infrastructure which was based on such machines using proprietary software which was not available for x86 compatible machines.

That's great that your parents only need to use TextEdit, and are not connected to the internet.

I guess I should have learned though... I mean when my beloved Motorola 68k based Macs were phased out, I gladly spent way too much money upgrading to 603 and 604 based machines. Only to find that for some reason despite being modern much more powerful systems, real world performance was strangely lacking. Hmm what was going on here... oh Apple introduced a new architecture but didn't rewrite the core of their OS which was written in assembly for the 68k. Rather they just emulated the old 68k on the new chip, wonderful idea right?

Then as those machines (which I was never happy with) aged I watched MS surpass Apple in almost every category imaginable. We received some BS cobbled together upgrades which were given major release names but were just desperate attempts at keeping System 7 somewhat relevant in a world which had long since passed it by.

Still I continued purchasing and using Apple computers. Now we're back to the beginning, where we were speaking of the last generation Power PC processors. End result... In my long experience with Macintosh computers they do not "have useful lives longer lives". In fact they have shorter useful lives from what I have experienced. There's a pretty interesting Youtube vid of someone upgradeing all the way from the very first Windows up to Vista (I believe) in a virtual machine, and also showing the surprising amount of compatibility between early programs and later OS's. Stick to your guns right? One architecture verse three, that alone says something.

I've read what you had to say and besides having purchased a mini for your parents see no facts in your statement, instead quite a few opinions (including your rather outrageous XP statement)... If you wish to contradict my belief that Apple computer's do not have longer lives than alternatives please feel free to give facts and reasons to support your belief.

Comment Re:iSuppli ignores recent history (Score 3, Insightful) 513

Yup let's see (you forgot the PC, Power PC processors)... G5 based Macs were discontinued in August of 2006, And Apple ceased supporting them with the release of Snow Leopard in August of 2009. But hey three years of life out of a multiple thousand dollar machine isn't bad!

Let's also not even bring up the fact that OS X is nearing end of life, and who knows how Apple will handle it's successor. It also happens to be a bit of a clunker compared to many other modern *nix based OS's. Sure Aqua sitting on top of it gives you the impression of riding along in a Ferrari, until you pop the hood and see the small old diesel sitting in the engine compartment.

But Hey a quick look at the "have useful lives longer" poster's profile reveals a pattern of pro-Apple, anti-MS, posts... including a rather extremely ignorant post about "anyone who has ever shopped at", probably means that bringing up any sort of valid point that contradicts his own will probably be pointless.

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