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Comment Re:DNS not counted? (Score 3, Insightful) 105

It is true, I work for a supplier of GSN nodes and most operators configure GGSN/PGW to classify DNS and TCP SYNs as free. However, this freebie is overset but charging retransmission in the telco IP network. Personal experience in comparing sent bytes vs received bytes on remote and charged bytes in CDRs. Wiresharking on Gn interfaces pointed out the origin of extra bytes in CDR. So there never is a free lunch

Comment Re:Flabbergasted (Score 1) 152

Once I though that CA where serious business, with the biggest of them hosted in bunkers with complete security for the keys. .

Happy to hear it since I had the same idealistic vision and in the past was doubtfull of our company solution that uses a non networked machine to sign certs that is in a protected aread but not a bunker or faraday change. Only was to import/export data (requested and certs) is via DLT tape. Afterall it doesn't seem such a lousy solution

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