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Comment Re:I completely agree. (Score 1) 522

the solution of moving off planet is a dubious "solution" for Earth itself. It presumes that we could move off planet at a rate that significantly exceeds the reproduction rate of humans. The solution may preserve humans as a species, but Earth itself and any people living here are doomed unless an event like a massive virulent plague (or similar human specific disaster) strikes humans. But ultimately, this solution is just recreating the same problem on another planet. Until we are able to somehow get reproduction rates under control, it's inevitable.

Comment Bag of Dongles (Score 4, Informative) 675

In the near future, any Apple user will be easily identified by the bag of expensive dongles he/she would have to carry to maintain functionality. Wireless?! Gimme a break, anyone that shoots photos in volume with a DSLR (I routinely get over 1000 shots from a single live music venue shoot, low/variable light and moving subjects makes for a huge number of throwaway shots ) knows that wireless, even relatively current 802.11ac (which nearly no cameras have) can't keep up with a high volume shooting situation for even just still JPGs, let alone RAW files or video. The physically connected card has nearly an order of magnitude advantage in throughput. They are basically ceding the professional market to Linux/Windows machines.

Comment Yes, you are (Score 1) 98

Whether you acknowledge it or not, you ARE racing SpaceX and others. You might be cordial, collegial and supportive while doing it, but it's still a race and the first to achieve it will reap at least a large public relations reward, a place in history, and in business world a significant "first mover" advantage. Denying that the competition exists doesn't change the fact of whether a competition actually exists.

Submission + - The UK government's war on porn will expose children to more and worse (

An anonymous reader writes: Ars first raised the prospect of the UK government bringing in age verification for porn sites a year ago and confirmed that it would be happening in February.

In its written evidence to the House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Digital Economy Bill, the Open Rights Group put together a good summary of the problems with the approach. These include the privacy risks of creating insecure databases of the UK's porn habits, and the fact that age verification will be easy to circumvent.

As a more recent blog post by the Open Rights Group notes, MPs have finally woken up to the fact that age verification won't in fact stop children from accessing pornographic sites, and have come up with Plan B, which is even worse than Plan A: "in order to make age verification technologies 'work,' some MPs want to block completely legal content from access by every UK citizen. It would have a massive impact on the free expression of adults across the UK. The impact for sexual minorities would be particularly severe."

Comment Forcing customer to non regulated service (Score 5, Insightful) 314

Basically, not only is Verizon abandoning the copper cable plant that they built and were expected to maintain because they accepted government money to build it and maintain it in the first place, but they are also involuntarily switching customers from a Public Utility Commission regulated utility to an unregulated one that lacks features of the land line service. I'm absolutely sure that the obvious illegality of this has been appropriately muted by well applied lobbying and campaign dollars to the appropriate local and state politicians right?

Comment Re:Stop treating this like it were binary (Score 4, Insightful) 332

"You do have a few bad eggs, as with any profession. The untrained, the illsuited or the downright malicious. However, I'd suggest that these folks account for a small percentage of officers." the "good" officers know who these people are, and they are made less good by allowing them to continue to operate in their midst lowering the trust level of their entire organization.

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