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Comment "High Frequency Trading" (Score 5, Insightful) 214

So this bot driven scalping activity is illegal now in NY? How about they apply the same principal and block a similar practice by large Wall Street firms in our stock, commodities, futures, etc. markets? Bot driven trading has an identical effect in blocking out human participation, or making that participation less lucrative for human participants in the market. I guess if a large bank does it then it's ok then eh?

Comment Then the tech company becomes non-US (Score 1) 312

Given that nearly every major tech company has large presence in multiple foreign countries, then they move their headquarters outside the US. For instance, I know for a fact that MS has contingency plans to move headquarters 60 miles up the road to Vancouver BC for some situations and given their presence in India, that likely wouldn't be much of a challenge either. I'm sure that most other big players are similar. They simply leave to avoid the law. Yay, great for America right?

Comment Re:That's the textbook answer (Score 1) 145

the opinion of the victim has no bearing on the law as written, there's a reason we don't allow crime victims to try and punish criminals. The 4th amendment says "get a warrant from a judge" and that exact thing is done thousands of times a day in the US. Why don't you justify why the FBI shouldn't play in this routine and expedient process? Judges are on call 24x7 for exactly that sort of activity. They are asking for an explicit bypass on a clear constitutional protection.

Comment Re:Because society tacitly asks for it (Score 4, Insightful) 145

RE: What would upset you more Arresting someone using evidence obtained illegally is definitely more heinous. Any system that encourages or allows law enforcers to break or bypass the law inherently reduces respect for and compliance with that institution and ultimately leads to more and greater crime, from both enforcers and criminals.

Comment Re:Pls decouple saving money & saving environm (Score 1) 630

but if the newer greener methods aren't financially competitive (either naturally, or in a contrived fashion via tax incentives or artificially elevated fuel costs, etc.) then they will never become the majority of the market. Also, ignoring other pollutants due to manufacture or maintenance in favor of reduction in a more singular pollutant such as greenhouse gasses is a problem.

Comment Windows phones fwiw (Score 1) 340

Nearly all Windows phones have the FM hardware (wired headphones required for an antenna) since Windows Phone 7 days, but the software to use it has been hidden, but still present in the base OS. You just need to load any third party FM radio app from the store, then you can save shortcuts to your stations once the radio is playing and can remove the third party software, basically the third party software just calls the underlying OS included FM radio functions. MS has said they are removing the software from their upcoming "anniversary release" of Windows 10 in July though.

Comment Re:This just in.... (Score 1) 500

please don't take this as being a Windows 10 apologist. I'm taking a generalist approach here. Automatic updates were enabled for a valid reason on most consumer OS's, that's a fact, a fact that any user has to deal with if they manage their own system. We could argue the merits or positive/negative qualities of each implementation, some are obviously better than others, or more/less intrusive or disruptive, that's another discussion. But automatic updates ARE a fact on any consumer OS today, something that any user has to deal with.

Comment Re:This just in.... (Score 1) 500

you could certainly make that argument and I would agree with you at least to an extent. But at the root, my point is that if you don't want to be interrupted by automatic updates (on any OS) then you need to figure out how to disable them. The complexity (and potential risks) of doing that is obviously widely variable. Things were made automatic because in many cases consumers weren't updating at all, putting far more than just that individual user at risk, perhaps the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction, but it's not my call to make.

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