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Comment Re:Time Machine (Score 1) 441

The problem is that internet isn't like a power line. Once the line is setup the cost to deliver any given MB of data would be extremely small. All the network infrastructure has to be on anyways and the amount of power required to send the data is trivial, the companies themselves pay very little for data since they just do peering (paying for the difference in traffic volume between two ISPs). With power they actually have to create additional electricity when you turn on a device.

The problem is that they aren't going to be charging fractions of a cent per GB they are going to be charging much more.

Bomb-Proof Wallpaper Developed 388

MikeChino writes "Working in partnership with the US Army Corp of Engineers, Berry Plastics has rolled out a new breed of bomb-proof wallpaper. Dubbed the X-Flex Blast Protection System, the wallpaper is so effective that a single layer can keep a wrecking ball from smashing through a brick wall, and a double layer can stop blunt objects (i.e. a flying 2×4) from knocking down drywall. According to its designers, covering an entire room takes less than an hour."

Comment Re:So it's a fnacy nmae (Score 5, Insightful) 1345

Don't underestimate the value of being bored, or being forced to be at someplace other than at home. When I sit at home all day I have a tendency not to do much intellectually, I play video games, watch TV and movies, and maybe read a book.
When I'm stuck at school or work and am bored I find better ways to entertain myself, thinking, writing or drawing. I have had teachers that didn't care if I sat in the back of the class room coding on my laptop as long as I kept up and didn't disturb anyone else.

This might just be my lack of motivation but I find it very helpful to be forced to find someway to entertain myself, often in a positive manner, when not surrounded by the distractions of home.

Comment Re:Oh, get real. (Score 1) 484

Well actually I was talking more of Southern California as in below San Francisco, not LA, I hear Northern California gets weather occasionally. I'm on the "Central Coast" and there's lots of roads that would be uncovered most of the day but still ample sunlight. I imagine in the higher use areas there would be an issue of longevity as well as reduced light.

Comment Re:Oh, get real. (Score 1) 484

In Southern California we don't get much in the way of any real weather other than sun. In more rural areas where the roads aren't used that much, and if it's actually comparable to traditional road materials, it should stand up for several years. I'd say the real value is for rarely used roads in sunny locations; or where getting roads, data and electricity all in one is rather appealing.

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