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Comment Re:Is this the missing "dark matter"? (Score 5, Insightful) 85

Logic fail. Dark matter can be explained by such small objects if they are incredibly numerous. It's just math: divide the missing mass by the mass of one brown dwarf to get the number needed. If you want to disprove the brown dwarf explanation you need to explain why the number that is needed contradicts something.

The hypothesized dark matter does not emit or absord any type of electromagnetic radiation, in other words it does not interfere with or react to light. Numerous small objects would. Also, and this is the most important bit in your logic fail fail, if you have enough small objects to account for five times the mass of the visible universe, you would have something five times more visible than the visible universe. Matter attracts other matter (which is why there is a dark matter hypothesis to begin with, something invisible attracts the visible) and such a copious amount of "small objects" would form larger objects. Which is how stars and planets form to begin with.

Comment Re:Summer (Score 1) 346

16 hours of sunshine? I'll stay with my 22-24 hours here in Norway (refraction is awesome!). Not looking forward to 2-4 hours of daylight, depending on cloudiness, during winter though.

Comment Re:Nice try.... (Score 4, Informative) 207

Where they there to see it trapped? Then how do they know!?

I see you're keeping slashdot's tradition of not reading TFA. Here's what the very short article says about that:

To date the water, the team used three lines of evidence, all based on the relative abundances of various isotopes of noble gases present in the water. The authors determined that the fluid could not have contacted Earth's atmosphere — and so been at the planet's surface — for at least 1 billion years, and possibly for as long as 2.64 billion years, not long after the rocks it flows through formed.

Comment France on strike (Score 5, Funny) 196

Google Rep: What exactly does France want?
France: We want: more... money!
French aide: Yeah! More money!
Facebook rep: More money from where?
France: Just more money! You know! France doesn't get enough money! Other countries have lots of money; we want, we want some of that money! Hu- how about- the Internet? The Internet makes lots of money! So give us some of that money!
French aide: Yeah! Give us Internet money!

Comment Re:I have a birthday! (Score 1) 337

You don't "measure" your birthday, your birthday is a date and you measure your age by the passing of time. Yes, I did fill in "years old" because when you leave something out of a sentence, you've got to expect to be able to fill in the norm or you fail at communication. What's he suppoed to turn, 6 birthdays? 6 double rainbows?

It's a joke, but the joke is flawed in much the same way as saying "See you in a year" instead of "see you next year" at a new years eve party is flawed. I actually had several guys telling me "See you in a thousand years" december 31st 1999.

Comment Re:Some of us... (Score 1) 457

It didn't fail, it worked perfectly for five years. Surgery adjusts the current state of the eyes, but your eyes may continue changing the same way your body does during your lifetime. That is why it's recommended that your vision has been stable - that is, you have had the same set of glasses without your vision getting worse - for at least two years. Normally, vision degradation over time follows an S-curve and flattens out after a couple of years. Only then does it make sense to consider laser eye surgery.

Imagine a body builder getting a tattoo on his chest. Then he stops training, muscles turns into fat and the tattoo starts looking like nothing at all. Did the tattoo "fail"? Your friend seems to have picked an appropriate time, but his body changed. One just needs to be aware of that, you can't put the blame on the surgery.

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