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Comment Oh, My. (Score 5, Insightful) 252

This is the first time in ages I've actually logged on to comment. I just want it on the record in my own name how much the Beta site hurts. I mean, after all these years, I've just finally gotten used to all the faults and boom! Here comes a whole new set of awful. I'll take a well-tuned slant six Dodge over an oil leaking, off-idle stumbling, lemon of a [insert disfavored auto brand here].

Comment Re:Nobody understands that quote anymore (Score 1) 330

Dude, we understand the quote. But the fact remains, we still consider it quite milquetoast. In a youngish male kind of way, we enjoy poking fun at it. And not to proclaim Violence to be the Way or anything, but its proper application can be very effective and decisive. And last I checked, our birth rate way exceeds yours, wherever you may be. So I'd say we like sex more too. Unprotected sex at least.

Comment Re:Bloody hell! (Score 1) 468

Amen! Barrels of beer are carbon sinks!

I concur and wish to back you up on your point that the C produced in fermentation is indeed part of the naturally occurring carbon cycle.

The best green beer would of course be made from more sustainably grown grains (using as best you can natural organic fertilizers, max-efficiency irrigation, etc.), and brewed using renewable energy for heating, mixing, etc. processes. I guess you'd need barrels made from sustainably managed forests, and oh--of course you'd need reusable/recyclable bottles or cans. Or just guzzle right from the tap. Damn, I'm getting thirsty...

Comment Re:Pronounce? (Score 1) 209

I agree. His books are a delight for a language dork. Every time I reread something of his, I always find something new that I hadn't caught in previous readings. Finding works of word-nerdness like Tolkien's are magical moments--rare treasures.

I have serious issues with some modern fantasy stuff that seems written by decent enough imaginations but clearly shows a lack for a true love and curiosity for language. Not to mention the hypersexuality of that crap--but that's a different cigarette butt for another drought-stricken forest floor.

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