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Comment Reviews are important for Wii owners! (Score 1) 169

Owning a Wii, there are a bunch of really fantastic games and a whole lot of dross (though this is true to an extent on all platforms the Wii seems to suffer more than most). Without reviews, there would be no way to sift through all the chaff and find the good titles. Though the fact that terrible software continues to sell by the bucket load on the Wii suggests that the average joe probably doesn't read reviews at all.

Comment Health and Safety laws saved our labs (Score 1) 571

I remember at my university, going back to the 90's now, they announced a new "laptop area" in the library. I duly arrived with my PIII laptop, only to find nowhere to plug it in. "You can't charge your laptop here" said the librarian, "we don't allow anything to be plugged in that hasn't been PAT tested by a university technician". "Oh, and there's no network access because of viruses". "So basically, the laptop area is a table with a 'laptop area' sign above it then?" I said. "I suppose so, oh and please turn your laptops speaker off"

On another note, what about practical lessons? Expecting your students to have laptops is one thing, expecting them to buy licences for software like 3D Studio Max, for example, is another. Sure students will pirate, but can a university turn a blind eye if it's a requirement of the course, rather than just something the students trade with each other outside of the classroom?

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