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Comment Re:What about Rust? (Score 1) 42

I've been on /. for ages and all my previous urges to comment were surpassed by my laziness, but when it comes to STL I have to make an exception.
F^&% STL implementation, good idea, ^*&^*&^* terrible implementation.
Why not just "add()" WHY "push_back()" ?
I guess that's what we get from the academia.


Comment I dunno... (Score 1) 543

I dunno, I've applied twice for positions with them. Once had few phone interviews. My impression was that a) they don't care about past experiences and b) they consider them a liability. I kind of got that vibe "you are too old for us, judging by your resume". I've chatted with some people online who had the same experience/got the same feeling interviewing with them. Well, karma is a bitch...

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