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Submission + - Supreme Court Hears Texting Privacy Case (

Bryan Gividen writes: The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in City of Chino v. Quon today. As Slashdot reported, the case is about a policy officer from Ontario, California who used his government issued pager to receive sexually explicit messages. The department pulled the records of his messages and the employee sued for a violation of his civil rights. A copy of the transcript is available from the Supreme Court's website.

Submission + - Linux Media Center Apps?

Bryan Gividen writes: I am looking to turn my quickly-aging Dell Laptop into a Linux Media Center that I will hook up to a flatscreen TV. As a Linux novice, I use Ubuntu and am looking for good applications to make it a complete Media Center. Thing is, I don't know how complete, complete can be. I turn to Slashdot to guide me on everything I should install and any additional hardware I ought to look into.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Alaskan Blob is an Algae Bloom (

Bryan Gividen writes: is running a story on the previously unidentified blob floating off of the coast of Alaska. The article states that the blob is an algae bloom — far less sinister (or exciting) than any The Thing or The Blob comparison that was jokingly made. From the article: "'It's sort of like a swimming pool that hasn't been cleaned in a while.' The blob, Konar said, is a microalgae made up of 'billions and billions of individuals.'"
The Internet

Submission + - Al Franken Questions Sotomayor on Net Neutrality (

Bryan Gividen writes: As was reported this morning by Minnesota Public Radio, Senator Al Franken intended to question Supreme Sonya Sotomayor on the subject of net neutrality. Franken said, "I just want to make sure the Internet remains the Internet and that Internet service providers aren't being, in a sense, a gateway to the Internet and slowing down certain content and speeding up certain content." During the hearings, Franken specifically questioned Sotomayor about the Brand X decision and whether or not internet access was "compelling, over-riding 1st Amendment right." The LA Times has a brief blog post with the essence of Sotomayor's response: "Rights are not looked at by the courts as 'overriding.' Rights are rights and what the court looks at is how Congress balances those rights in a particular situation and then judges whether that balance is within constitutional boundaries."

Submission + - McAfee Reports on Web's Most Dangerous Words (

Bryan Gividen writes: "McAfee has released a report on the most dangerous search terms for users. McAfee gathered info on popular search terms and then located which terms were most likely to produce malware related links. The most dangerous listed in the report is "free music downloads" with a average risk of 20.7%. Also considered dangerous are "lyrics," "game cheats," and "paris hilton." Sadly, "RIAA" is not found anywhere on the list."

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