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Comment The Windows Bubble will burst like the housing... (Score 1) 409

The Windows Bubble will burst like the housing bubble. Everyone assumed that their homes were worth a certain amount of money. They kept doing things, like cashing out equity, based on those numbers. Then one day, we find that the numbers were off by a large amount. Chaos ensued.

The same will happen when it is discovered that there is nowhere near the number of MSFT installs as was assumed. The chaos will be glorious.

Comment Re:Fail on write (Score 1) 357

My first web design gig in 1995 was with a company that had me on a machine with way too little RAM for Photoshop. It was swapping constantly and I had 5 drives fling a head off the arms within 2 years. I was begging for 16 Meg (total) of RAM, but they never went for it.

Comment I used to be leery of A-Data, but no more (Score 1) 357

When my 1yr2 old 4GB 266x CF (not cheap when I bought it) died I figured I was SOL. But, with one request for service they sent me an RMA # and I had a new one within a few weeks. I will definitely not feel the need to purchase SanDisk or Kingston for trustworthiness anymore.

Even though Lexar seems like a big name, they always felt a little sketchy to me. Maybe I associate them with Lexmark or Lex Luthor.

Comment Re:steroids+ed (Score 1) 1131

Mac people know how to edit text files?

Yes, we drop to a true Unix console with a true bash shell and launch VIM. When we're done we shut the lid on our laptop and the thing goes to sleep. When we open it back up, it wakes. When we need to connect an external display we do so without rebooting. Oh, and a few of us are attracted to the opposite sex.

Is there anything else you'd like to know?

Comment Re:TextMate (Score 1) 1131

It was when Yahoo! took my Mac away that I decided to learn VIM. It's a world of difference, but even more powerful. And, being able to use it to edit files directly on the server over SSH is pretty cool too.

Comment Re:steroids+ed (Score 1) 1131

I used to use BBEdit, but with version 8 they removed features I needed. When I requested that they be put back I was told they were trying to make BBEdit "more like other text editors". AKA, the ones the BBEdit users chose NOT TO USE!

This poll really should have included TextMate. That is what all the Mac people use now.

I now use VIM because when I got hired at Yahoo! the force me to use an MSFT machine and I decided if I'm going to learn another text editor, it's going to be the last one I ever learn. VIM/VI is on every single server I've ever used. I don't feel handicapped at all* when I'm editing files over SSH. That is priceless.

* Sometimes the Backspace, Home, and End keys don't work do to TermCap mismatches, but that is not VIM's fault.

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