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Comment Re:Bah (Score 2, Interesting) 323

We've been 'called out' several times. Legislation has been drafted similar to the US and has caused an uproar every time, causing it to be delayed/withdrawn. It looks to me like a show for the Americans to keep them 'happy,' as it were. Just enough to tell them, "we're trying." As long as they keep trying to pass these laws, we'll keep kicking up didos.

Comment Even Dell (Score 1) 1397

had names based on a theme. The older style curvy gray cases were named after Transformers. The newer angular, boxy cases are named after Matrix characters.

Personally, because of the large case I used, my general use computer is Behemoth. My server was then dubbed Leviathan, my netbook is Ziz, and my media centre PC is Reem. Look on Wikipedia for the last two.

Comment Urban Legend (Score 1) 380

I seem to recall an urban legend involving a rocket car. Police find a smouldering wreck on the side of a cliff. From what they piece together, some genius straps a JATO unit to the roof of his car and takes off, only to be unable to steer and promptly hits the cliff and explodes.

Gentlemen, I think we have an episode of MythBusters here.

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