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Comment No reason to celebrate for me (Score 2) 43

I used to have Uverse. A couple years ago I asked Comcrap to beat their prices & they did, substantially. Lately I've been eyeing Uverse again because Comcrap's deals will expire sometime soon. Condo here, no dish allowed.

Losing competition is not something to celebrate. Not everyone can have a dish & I'm sure Comcrap knows that.

Comment Re:This is serious business (Score 1) 244

Yes, there are feral hives. Supposedly all were wiped out due to mites & "Colony Collapse Disorder" back 10 years ago. The theory is the new feral hives spread from commercial/hobbyist hives. Back in 2012 my tomatillo plants were covered in European honey bees & I had a bumper crop of tomatillos. 2013, nearly zero. Yes, pollination still happened but I got half the tomatillos. 2014 there were more bees, likely from a local hobbyist. This year, there are a decent amount, but nothing like 2012. They do go as far as 1.5 miles from their hives

You mentioned blueberries. Blueberries are particularly bee dependent. Commercial farms rely on commercial beekeepers (& have their own hives) as do dozens of other crops, like almonds, fruit trees, etc. Almond groves in particular have no wild insects nearby at all & are completely reliant on migrant beekeepers. That goes both ways, Beekeeping & the honey industry has never been very profitable & has come to rely on income from farmers to survive.

Comment Re:Somebody please mod this ignorant crap down. (Score 1) 244

Furthermore, a large proportion of our staple crops (rice, wheat, corn, oats, etc.) do not depend on insect pollinators of any sort, and of the ones that do depend on insect pollination there are usually multiple species that are up for the task. Yes, the honeybee has fallen on hard times lately but even if every honeybee in the world was killed, there's definitely not going to be any sort of famine and no plants native to North America would die off as a result.

The mass production of many foods rely almost entirely on beekeepers hauling their hives to the farms. From almonds to apples, some, like watermelon, the honeybee is essential. If we lost all honeybees? Famine is unlikely, but shortages & high prices are. There are alternatives to honeybees, but would not produce the massive amounts of food per acre farmers are currently getting.

That being said, of course we should spray. We just have to be smarter than the average county worker in Florida.

Comment Re:The difference is (Score 1) 109

You think... well, you would be wrong about your thoughts. I've certainly have not read all of the platform, only some of it, the parts I was referring to. Whoever wins the election, it won't matter much what they personally think or plan to do, the president does not pass laws. So Trump can shoot off his big fat goofy ass mouth all he likes but he won't be able to do much without the backing of Congress.

You really need to read the platform because you should not be confused & ignorant as to what you are actually voting for. The party, not the person, whether you like it (or believe it) or not.

Comment Re:The difference is (Score 1) 109

Maybe you should read the Republican Platform before you claim what's in it. A lot of double speak as in anti-environment talk, anti-EPA put under Environment Protection. & the "Renewing American Values" section... eye opener for sure. I could go on but what's the point? They had a gay person speak! There were some black people there too!

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