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Comment Re:The difference is (Score 1) 109

You think... well, you would be wrong about your thoughts. I've certainly have not read all of the platform, only some of it, the parts I was referring to. Whoever wins the election, it won't matter much what they personally think or plan to do, the president does not pass laws. So Trump can shoot off his big fat goofy ass mouth all he likes but he won't be able to do much without the backing of Congress.

You really need to read the platform because you should not be confused & ignorant as to what you are actually voting for. The party, not the person, whether you like it (or believe it) or not.

Comment Re:The difference is (Score 1) 109

Maybe you should read the Republican Platform before you claim what's in it. A lot of double speak as in anti-environment talk, anti-EPA put under Environment Protection. & the "Renewing American Values" section... eye opener for sure. I could go on but what's the point? They had a gay person speak! There were some black people there too!

Comment Re:better idea (Score 1) 104

This is where I got the idea you saw that is a "new problem":

Kind of like how Obama care solved the pre-existing issue while creating entire new sets of problem

Personally my coverage has a huge network of providers & I do not need a referral to a specialist. I can go nearly anywhere. But I'll still wait 2-3 months.

IMO single payer is really about getting rid of health insurance companies. Fucking parasites. Everyone needs healthcare, if not you this year, your mom or your child.

Comment Re:better idea (Score 1) 104

Thanks for your suggestions. Yes, now days if I need an appointment fast, NPs and PAs are what I get. However, you still have to have that primary doctor first & that is what I required, a new doctor. Nurse Practitioner, Physician's Assistant... sounds like the same solution from the guy from the UK. Mine just costs more, much more.

Comment Re:better idea (Score 1) 104

Last time I attempted to get a doctor's appointment I was told "we are scheduling two months out..." & my healthcare insurance is "premium". It should be premium for what I pay for it. I had to get a new doctor last year. After navigating the labyrinthine system I was able to find a doctor that was somewhat in my part of town & of course, 6+ weeks for the first appointment.

De-fund the shit out of a program, then point at it & say "look! It doesn't work!"

Comment Good thing... (Score 1) 54

It's a good thing I don't have Myspace, LinkedIn, and Tumblr accounts. Twitter? I think I got two of them I started a years ago. At the time I'm sure I had a reason. I get messages on two different email accounts from Twitter, so I figure I have the accounts.

Maybe I can go cancel them (if it's possible). I see no need for them whatsoever. Or am I missing something?

Comment Forced upgrade (Score 2) 312

It happened last night. Right at the start of my son's LAN party. One kid was on my personal desktop, just got in Overwatch & they called me downstairs. "Preparing to install Windows 10. Do not turn off your computer". Fuck that, one kid without a computer for the evening was unacceptable. I immediately hit the reset button. Luckily it booted right into Windows 7 where, for better or worse, I downloaded & ran Never10.

Linux is not an option for me. The software I run for work no longer has a version for Linux. I am stuck with MS for now & likely will be installing Win10 in the next few weeks anyhow.

Comment Re:What the heck does this mean? (Score 1) 109

Thank you. This is why I tell people when they download a utility to delete it & download the latest version when they need it again. It's too bad I did not follow my own advice with 7-ZIP. Come Monday I will update all my clients & discuss the AV with the IT folks.

They are not going to like this at all. There is a really good chance they will freak out & make me remove all 7-ZIP installs completely. They may even have a emergency meeting where they will look to place blame & decide an engineer should not be doing IT work. What's funny is when I tell them about this it will be the first they've heard of it. None of them actually follow tech news at all.

Comment What the heck does this mean? (Score 1) 109

Can someone please tell me what this means to me?

I do not work in IT, I work in engineering. Our IT department keeps themselves clueless about CAD & CAD data management & somehow, mainly by default, I am the admin (in my spare time HA! what exactly is spare time?!). I've been using & deploying 7zip on all the clients I install our CAD platforms on.

Are all these machines at risk? Am I going to get an email from that IT guy yet again?

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