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Journal Journal: Secure SSH + Http Proxy for Iran Freedom Writers

Regular http proxies are not enough here. They can be scanned and the users tracked down or shut down or worse.

Activists should download Putty for windows, or if you use linux even easier.

Administrators who wish to help setup ssh accounts with the following credentials

username: iranelection
password: freedom

May also need to implement these settings in openssh

AllowTcpForwarding yes
GatewayPorts yes
TCPKeepAlive yes

Linux users just use the following to connect to the proxy

ssh -D 5214 username@ip-address-of-ssh-server

The 5214 can be any port number but remember this number for later.

Windows users using putty..

Open Putty

setup your hostname to connect to

under Connection > SSH > Tunels

Add new forward port

Source port = port you used above to connect to the SSH server.

Choose dynamic option under destination and click add.. you should see your port number listed as

D:port# ie D6314

I use Firefox, but this can be done with Internet Exploder. In Firefox click on the Tools Tab.

Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network

Under Connection click on the Settings button

Choose Manual Proxy configuration, and SOCKS v5

Fill in localhost for the host, and 3000 for the port

Click OK and reload the page

Check to see if your ip is now not your ip..

You also want to tunnel your DNS requests..

To change this, set network.proxy.socks_remote_dns = true in about:config.

Advanced users seek out foxyproxy so you can easily setup multiple proxies as you discover them.


Journal Journal: AI2 by Lycoris to Help Linux 3rd Party Apps

Lycoris has produced a new product called AI2 which seems from their press release to be a killer way to allow 3rd party applications interact properly when installed in Linux.

The aim of this system is to allow ISV's and other 3rd party vendors to create a small file that AI2 could read and it would make the software function with the OS. This means that you could seperately install Mozilla Thunderbird and Opera Browser and both would interact with each other as if they were native to the distro.

Why is this a good thing? Consider the level of knowledge requried to make just those 2 apps work out of the box with each other. Also consider just installing and changing the required files to do the same thing. Joe Linux cant and will not do this. They're more likely to just stuck with whatever came with the machine. We all like choice and it should be extended to even the Linux user who has hardly any ability to change things in his system. It is my hope that Lycoris will license this to other distro's to help improve the abiliy of Linux to be desktop friendly to new users.


Journal Journal: Linux Laptop Runaround

I've got this nifty laptop thingamjig :) only cost me 1250 greenbacks and it works quite nice. But it's running XP :(

I'm probably one of those rare people that are torn between OS's for 2 reasons. Compatibility and Gaming. I tend to have the latest and greatest to a extent and this laptop is no exception.

Unfortunately after installin SuSE on this HP ze430us you run into several problems.

ACPI = Partial support 2.4.22 Kernel probably a few more modules to load to get it working decently but I'd like to see Linux speedstem my Mobile Atahlon chip.

3d Accelleration. With a recent patch by SuSE I was able to use my graphics card (Main reason I shelled out 70 dollars for a pro version) which is a ATI Radeon IGP 320M U1 type card. I hand it to SuSE theyre no slacker when it comes to making things work with newer hardware. But still with the new drivers its 2d only. Cant play Tux Racer yet.

Also ran into issues installing's X Server that would enable 3d accel on this machine. However some bug I'm just too tired to troubleshoot before leaving on a business trip prevents me from playing with it some more. Another sad thing is the prices they demand for their products. For businesses that's great but I'm not about to shell out 129 dollars to have 3d accel on my machine quite yet. ACPI comes first!

And finally the final king of injustice.

My WlAN adapter is made by Broadcom!

Anyone familiar with Broadcom knows they advertise support for Linux but guess what. Linux does not detect it nor is there any drivers. I've heard rumor it can work under the 2.6 kernel but ahem I dont know the slightest in how to compile a kernel nor instal a completely new one!

So with those problems the laptop is usable under Linux and I'm generally satisified but until I can resolve those problems the system is tethered to a power cord and a network cable.

A more detailed writeup of my experience can be found on my Linux site Linux Warcry which is part of the Warcry Gaming News Network. Fell free to come and visit and share your knowledge or news about Home Linux use and Linux Gaming!


Journal Journal: Round and Round

So were sitting around discussing various Linux stuff the other day at work and the subject of gaming comes up. Were all sitting here asking why are games not ported to Linux but are ported to OS X. Considering the similar structure of the OS's you'd think it would happen but it's not.

OS X is ahead of Linux desktop installs only slightly and with the new deals coming out in the next few months Linux will finally catch up with Mac desktop use. So when are our favorite games going to start popping up? In my case it could be awhile since I'm the common MMORPG player and my current addiction is Star Wars Galaxies. However Transgaming fills that gap nicely and I hope to play on Linux soon.

But what about everything else? And why?

MicroSoft is one of the biggest answers. DirectX was a good idea when it came out but now MicroSoft knows that if they dont port DirectX to Linux or the Mac then they can keep ahold of their market share of people who'd rather use Linux but dont becuase they're not willing to sacrifice the time and energy to dual boot or the money to have seperate systems. Furthermore since MS knows this they lobby most game developers to use their DirectX saying they'll have the best market access which unfortunately is true.

However many games today are Coded for PS2/Nintendo/X-BOX and none of those systems are using the same operating system. Unless there's some collusion nobody knows about those games are ported to each system many times. So why not Linux?

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