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Comment Its like printing free money (Score 4, Interesting) 364

While looking at debt of college, ignores the reason for the high costs. Colleges have been raising tuition prices because they know you will qualify for the loan and the loan will be repaid. There is a reason the borrowing has sky rocketed up to 1.3 trillion dollars, colleges are making buckets of money.

An example of alternatives, WGU Governors college was created to provide degrees for working people at a real affordable cost. Most people can buy a 40K car on a 6 year loan, but a 400k school loan, thats stupidly expensive.

The running joke is colleges are now just hedge funds with a college attached. And the money isn't used to lower tuition.

Selling free college is a scam the universities want, they think they will get paid at the same high price, just moving the cost to the government. (aka us the tax payers....)

I didn't even mention the money the sports teams are making also.

Comment And to think if I believed CNN (Score 1) 444

If I trust CNN, I'd believe we elected Hitler as President who rapes women, is a Russian spy, is ready to Nuke Russia, is a Chinese spy, is going to have his company build the wall to make money off it, allowed wall street to take over the white house, pepe is a racist frog, the alt-right took over the USA, every other news agencies other than CNN is #FakeNews, Breitbart is ran by Jewish nazi's, Milo is a white supremacist (And a gay jew who likes black men), Trumps wife was a high end call girl, Trump personally put black families on the street in NY, Trump was the downfall of Atlantic City, Trump was never rich and got all his money from his dad, Trump is an idiot and never graduated school (Warton is overrated, right?!), Trump will deport all Mexicans, Trump will never do anything for minorities and never touch a black issue (Like fund black colleges!), Ban all muslims from the US, Says Bigly not Big League, Filled stadiums of white men who are natzi's across the US, Is a secret KKK member, Grabs women by the pussy as they walk down the hallway.

Sure glad CNN is there to tell me the truth. Would hate to hear otherwise.

Comment Interesting. (Score 2) 41

The UPS truck that serves my families rural location can't really make it up the hills in winter. UPS runs those tires almost bald in our area, crazy.
UPS started delivering the packages to the local store, and the store is now the pick up place in our area.
They could fly a drone from the store to the houses in the hills,

Could see it. Remote location, we already use verizon for internet access, as satellite isn't taking new customers due to our area being over subscribed.
We have wifi at the local community center from the shared tower that brings in sat tv and verizon to the small town.

Rural communities are like this all over, very limited. Fedex/ups is used more than ever to bring things in.

Comment ATT Before cingular (Score 1) 105

Worked at ATT Wireless during the Cingular merger. ATT had the best network in the US and Cingular the worst. When we merged, we ran reports of with blue vs orange to show the quality of the wireless network. Management didn't like being shown how bad cingulars network was, outages, dropped connections, slow bandwidth, told us to merge our reports into orange only to mask problems. Its only gone down hill since then.

Comment LG V20 is closer to what I want, but costly. (Score 1) 86

LG V20 is pretty much everything I want, SD Card Slot, Removable battery and a DAC built in. I carry a dac with me, and good fiio dacs are only 90 bux. Worth it to drive good headphones off your cell phone. But the LG V20 is 800 bux and I can't see spending that much. My modded note 4 has a 10k zero lemon and custom rom/kernel that gets great life and almost speedy as my s7, except chrome doesn't scroll as sliky smooth just average smooth.

I'd say the oneplus is 2nd in almost everything I'd want, but lacking removable battery. They even upgraded with the 3T to a faster cpu.

Seems like phone manufacturers are just reducing features by the big boys. I don't need water proof at the expense of a battery. I don't have access to cloud everywhere, I use sd card. I want a big screen to read books and watch youtube. Would like front facing speakers that sound good. (LG V20 Again), a nice 4k camera is a nice touch also.

Chinese phones seem to be the real players besides LG, lots of cool features and not as crippled. But I'm not buying an extremely expensive phone I cant get a warranty on that I have to ship to china for that price. But many of those phones have translation issues also.

XDA has a large LG modding community, and thats also a good thing. I'm just sad most the good devs left the note 4 community for newer phones, last rom update security update didnt get used in any new roms. Kinda sad.

Comment Mac Pro (Score 4, Interesting) 230

The Mac Pro using the 12 core Xeon is based on Ivy bridge, that is quiet old. There has been Haswell, Broadwell, and now Skylake since it came out. The Wifi doesnt support N just AC. Only 1 Xeon CPU. Only 64 gigs of memory when you can buy 64 gigs for a desktop now cheap. And they still use the AMD FirePro D700 for the gfx card is bad. Its about the speed of a 980, when nvidia 1080's are out.

They gave up on power users, they gave up on power laptops. If you are an adobe photoshop user and you need speed, you migrated to windows awhile ago.

Comment Assuming a question is the correct query. (Score 1) 332

One of the things I've noticed is the framing of the question can mean multiple things with multiple interpretations.

Take, Did Canada fight in Vietnam vs Did Canada have troops in Vietnam.

Canada did not have combat troops in Vietnam, but Canada did have volunteers that did fight in Vietnam.

Also, Canada did have Medical support troops units in Vietnam. So technically Canada didn't fight the Vietnam war is accurate, but not completely true.

So you can see, its way more complicated and nuanced than "did x do y" when searching google, wikipedia, etc.

And this is how biased fact checking sites call someone a liar while claiming another is telling the truth, on the same subject, but how they make the statement.
If you give X money, and X gives Y Money, and Y pays terrorists, did you commit the terrorism by giving money to X? You didnt know Y paid terrorists. And we didnt take into account, morals, laws or other aspects that could make you guilty in some circumstances...

Life isn't binary, and treating interaction as a binary result, with a binary yes/no results, isn't fully accurate in analog experience. This is how Bias changes binary conversation into news, when subjects are more granular than that.

Comment Going to the theater is a pain. (Score 1) 341

I like the fake IMAX screen at the local theater, but parking is always bad, line to get in, line to get expensive food and soda, packed seatting, might not get a good seat, always some kids talking during the movie, a few people checking cell phones.

Or I can wait, buy the blueray, watch on my theater, and pause it, make my own food,

Older I get, less hassle I want to deal with.

Comment Rural areas still only have dialup (Score 2) 209

Here in washington state, many rural areas only have dialup, because they don't have the money to run high speed microwave to the small towns. Some islands on the west coast have many retired millionaires, so they have high speed due to point to point microwave.

The small town my family is in, has a small point to point microwave, that Verzion and comcast rents off a small ISP, so they can bring in service. 80 homes have comcast, but only the town library has a 5meg wifi for the town. People drive up just to check mail. Verizon coverage is helpful, but gsm has no coverage.

They don't sell sat internet in Washington state due to over subscribing. Everyone waiting for the new viasat 2 to launch (already delayed) till Q1 2017, and viasat 3, so rural areas in the US can get high speed (but limited) internet.

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