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Comment Re:Adobe complaining about bloat? (Score 1) 477

Yep BUT just because you are waiting for 15-30 seconds doesn't mean the time is being sensibly used.

Check out this problem on the AS3 compiler for Flash. Disabling compiler warnings reduces compile time from 74 seconds to around 1 second.

So next time you watch that splash screen crawl by, sit back and guess whether it is actually loading or just winding itself in circles...

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 1) 194

Not precisely how you mean, but you can have static edge/chain shapes, which are like line objects you can stick anywhere and bodies will interact with them.

If you want dynamic concave shapes you can split your shape into convex shapes however you like. Then you can put all the shapes into one body and Box2D will move them as one.

Go and have a go with Box2D. As far as "fun to use" APIs go, you can't get much better.

Comment Re:Not surprised... (Score 1) 513

Automatic detection of copyrighted video is a reality. It's very sensitive too, treading somewhat into fair use. I tried uploading a short segment of a TV show with the audio changed. It was automatically flagged -- instantly -- and pulled without any input from a Youtube employee, and having never been seen by anyone but myself.

Comment It's 2D!!! WTF?? (Score 5, Informative) 63

Bad slashdot reporting as usual.

The big deal here is the "mid-air" aspect, i.e. no actual surface.

However the display is 2D and the article makes no claim for it being 3D. It's not volumetric, it's not 3D. It's a projector.

It's very cool, and Slashdot has just completely misrepresented it. Well done.

Comment Re:iPhone 5? (Score 1) 330

Are you really expecting Apple to call the next iPhone the "iPhone 6"?

Ok, Nullsoft did it for a laugh, but for Apple to do it, would be very surprising. Even Windows doesn't follow its own internal version numbers (they had a chance with Windows 7 to do this, but Windows 7 is actually internally 6.1, so they missed it.) Everything about Apple is neat and tidy, it would *really* surprise me if they were fickle enough to skip a version number on the box and then explain to their users why.

Also, I don't think the internal version number is stored the way you have it anyway.

Comment Re:I propose we Occupy "Occupy" (Score 1) 507

In addition to all the other excellent points you made, here's another:

Say I'm making a game in HTML5. How do I make it harder to steal than the average JPEG? At least with a SWF i can compile away the url-check and obfuscate it. With HTML5, everything is open source. What good is that? I need to make money off this stuff. I SELL LICENCES to my games, who the hell is going to buy a licence to a game when the source code is right there in front of them??

Comment Regarding the music (Score 1) 298

I listened to the tau music, then went back to listen to the pi music, then listened to the tau music again.

It's odd, the tau music is clearly "better" in a musical kind of way, but it's the pi music which is rigidly stuck in my head.

Comment not quite correct summary (Score 1) 262

"KDE users have gotten a rather unpleasant surprise from Facebook: Not only is the site blocking KDE apps like Gwenview from uploading, the social media giant has also taken down photos uploaded with the KDE plugins. Yet another reason that users might think twice before depending on KDE for uploading photos."

Corrected summary

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