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Comment Re:make it half a million a year and we're talking (Score 0) 436

Working for a community bank, I can tell you that sum is improbable. We are a good sized community bank for our respective market ($650MM in assets for Savannah, GA). We had a net profit of right at $6.6MM last year. Asking us to fork over $500M for a domain registration does NOT make sense. We would have to increase our fees, and we would lose customers, and then competition would be squashed. I know, I know, innovate or die; but there are still people out there that prefer the level of service a community bank can offer versus that of a regional, national, global bank. There are some great people at the larger banks, but also plenty of people who are looking to maximize fees (case in point, check out BB&T's annual report for 2006 and check out their fees on deposit accounts versus, say, Regions Bank).

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