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Comment Even Bob Marley is a result of a formula (Score 2) 203

I think it's understood anything played on any radio format is as a result of a formula. Even Bob Marley who was initially marketed as a Rock band in England to the extent of having guitar riffs dubbed over the music to change the sound. This being said in my experience growing up it was always the independent small, and college radio stations who seemed to carry an authentic sound, more so because the DJ's were all working for passion and not $$.

Comment Re:amazon deforestation - Incorrect (Score 2) 125

this is interesting, having grown up around banana plants etc. So you know all bananas are clones as it's next to impossible to grow a banana from a seed those are the little dots along the core of a mature banana. Banana's are one of the most nutritious fruits and they are cheap. I'm sure this may not be a lofty a solution as you would like to see but the bottom line is it is a efficient way to feed people. Since you are in a complaining mood one thing to complain about is single sourced bananas, despite being a easy to grow tropical fruit the US does single source much of it's fruit resulting in the need of a mega plantation as opposed to several small sustainable locally owner options.

Banana propagation

Banana nutrition

Comment Re:Self-driving Car 'Problem' in Bike Lanes (Score 1) 383

(speaking as an attorny IANAA) The best part is the Store Manager effectively admitted guilt by presenting the offer. A good attorney would probably have gotten a lot more. By the way it's the attorney's who are the leaches as they are the ones who really profit.

Comment Re:So what about the county's responsibility. (Score 1) 44

On the contrary, my issue is with the client not the protocol. A good client will sterilize any links or downloads and present the information in text only format. File transfers will get handled similar to google approach (need to confirm) but the file is scanned server side then made available via a server link which cannot extend to the internet. Lastly user stations have no access to the internet, likewise any systems which phone home are identified immediately and shut down.

Comment So what about the county's responsibility. (Score 2) 44

So big hurrah for LA Counties judicial system. I am frustrated however that no entity be it private corporate, or municipality has simply said protection of our information shall come first. This thought that let's just contract with (insert name provider, likely Microsoft) for an off the shelf solution which clearly isn't secure is absurd. Now I am also not saying some municipality pay a contractor to custom design a system, we know which way that will go (see link).

DWP billing system errors add $245 million to uncollected debt

Am I the only one who thinks all 'secure' networks should be on a isolated protocol e.g. email be only text with no public network dependent information. user systems with no access to the internet, and no user level login on public devices including your phone.

The price being paid for the convenience of looking up bread pudding recipes from your work station (or ranting on /. for that matter) is simply too high. Just a thought.

Comment Quite the contrary (Score 1) 277

when my son was born (Kaiser Permanente) on 2001 doctors gave the option of a c-section even when one wasn't needed. It made it easier for surgeons to schedule there day. Now in 2016 Kaiser has changed there approach (much the same with no antibiotics for colds). The promoted mantra is natural child birth natural feeding natures way is best.

Comment inflammatory no ? (Score 1) 50

All medicine requires testing, likewise personal products. Your blood pressure medicine, cholesterol, and the compound which will likely save your life one day. My sister was a research scientist for a pharma, she performed tests on mice which as you would put it had there brains sliced and butchered in order to test a drug which could save someone's life during a stroke. My grandmother died from a stroke. So I respect your opinion, this being said your only entitled to it you refuse any help in the form of compounds which will one day save your life.

I hate what slashdot has become a bunch of people with opinions that aren't personally vetted and thought through. No one thinks, reads the article does additional research then comments with pertinent and thoughtful responses.

Comment Re:Exciting times for EVs (Score 1) 72

Here in Southern California with Tesla's being the new executive cars charging stations installed at commercial building are a premium amenity. In short brokers are placing EV Charging amenities on the front page of leasing brochures. With significant rate savings by DWP/Edison it is becoming profitable for building owners to provide these. even at $2/hr which is the average rate (sometimes discounted to tenants) I think in a very real world ten years from now the traditional fueling station will now become 'work'

Comment Re:Maximum yield (Score 1) 813

I've always revered the Norwegian countries thinking ohh look how responsible, how democratic. Realistically a countries success is related to it's problems right. In this region there is a congruence of race and culture that the US simply doesn't have to deal with. I'm sure if we were to demark the US and separate each ethnic group there would be a mark difference in teh ability to agree on what is good for the greater society. In this region in addition to everyone looking and sounding alike this same dominant group is able to influence everyone else in this 'positive' way good.

Comment Beware of Greeks bearing gifts (Score 5, Insightful) 164

We all know Facebook sells influence, and being able to tap into a new market allows them the opportunity to sell more influence. I have yet to find a truly charitable cooperation so it a guarded approach makes sense. Kudos to India for seeing through this, allowing an entity influence over your poor is a fools move.

Comment Re:Yes considering how poor cell coverage is! (Score 1) 307

I once worked at a university wherein most of there labs were below ground. A major concern became the lack of cell service below ground. We have come to a point in society where buildings need cell repeaters installed in these areas as it is becoming a life safety issue. Good Luck

Comment how long before SCE adjust there billing metric (Score 1) 89

I've noticed these coming a common topic amongst developers in Southern California. I've had a few ask me about this, just this week. Assuming this isn't just a flavor of the week (what happened to bloom boxes) my question is will the power company always tune there billing in such a way that makes this profitable. Realistically the buildings will utilize the same amount of power, but the peak loads will level out. in short Edison gets less money for the same kilo watts. How long will they let this fly before they begin adjusting there billing metric.

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