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Comment Re:What a load of... (Score 3, Interesting) 354

Here's the line-broken version of that rant, because I screwed up and can't find the 'edit' button.

I refuse to play MMORPGs any longer. To be honest, I think that they encourage and reward "addiction." I refused to play MMORPGs .. until FFXI. As a Final Fantasy nut (I've played and finished every US-Released version of every FF game on the console it was released on) .. I wanted to skip it .. but thought .. "eh .. what the hell."

MMORPGs require a high level of investment in order to produce rewards. Oh .. I have to grind for 5-6 hours a day to level, and then I get a sub-job, but in order to level my main job I have to grind levels for my sub-job, and I have to quest/craft for equipment to level the main job, or camp NMs, etc. etc.

Plus, they're social: you're making friends, a virtual lifestyle, that is SO much more rewarding (discrete/measurable awards at that), and appealing than the Real World.

I literally spent 6 months in game. That's actively playing the game, logged in, leveling, crafting, etc. Not sitting idle on 'bazaar' or anything of that nature. The only times that I was logged in and not holding a controller or typing on the keyboard was when I was in the kitchen whipping something up, or (maybe) outside having a cigarette (but still eyes on the TV). That was over a calendar period of 9 months.

I spent 2/3rds of my life for the better part of a year plugged in to that game, sacrificing school, social life, and the only reason why I didn't explode was I barely ate enough to keep me alive. 'Addiction' can be a very abused term, however, in the case of MMORPGs, that's a lot of what drives them. You need to be 'addicted' in order to be successful.

The worst part is, I managed to keep my character well-equipped, and leveled up, and I never managed to make it to level 75 RDM. Burned out @ 73. Even had most all of the other jobs leveled up (every job to 10, lot of jobs to 20/25, and NIN, WHM, BLM, DRK, SMN all up to 40). Finally stepped back and said "Can't do this anymore."

A lot of my (then) non-gaming friends didn't understand, then started playing WoW. I still get hassled about not playing WoW with them (and now Age of Conan), but I know I have a problem and like any other addict (be it alcohol, or drugs), I know better than to tempt fate, because it will just suck me right back in.

The difference is, "normal" games have an END, and a "save state." I can mess with Gears, or Dead Rising, or almost any other game for a few hours, maybe even upwards of 16-20. I can knock Halo out 24 hours after launch, and it's done. It's finished. Or play through a 6-hour session of Blue Dragon and walk away, come back later. MMORPGs are persisting, you're missing out when you're not plugged in, and on top of that, they do NOT end.

Submission + - Sony Gets Rumbling again ..

Brigade writes: "Looks like Immersion and Sony have settled their differences and decided to make nice. Does that mean that they'll start releasing rumble-capable controllers and games, and how will they spin it so they don't alienate their early adopters if PS3 starts shipping with new controllers?"

Submission + - One week to crack Vista

hcmtnbiker writes:
"Symantec researchers investigated the feasibility of disabling all three key kernel integrity technologies: driver signing, Code Integrity, and PatchGuard. Results have shown that all three technologies can be permanently disabled and removed from Windows Vista after approximately one man-week of effort. A potential victim need make only one mistake to become infected by a threat that does the same. The result: All new security technologies are stripped from Windows Vista in their entirety," concluded Symantec...
The Media

A Unique Perspective on a 'Game-Related' Tragedy 378

Megnatron writes "Penny Arcade has a letter from the stepmother of one of the kids who was recently charged with killing a homeless man. Her article is an extremely sobering tale of the problems dealing with troubled teen. She explains how, in this situation, the parents did everything they possibly could. And, in a refreshing twist, she absolves the games industry of any blame for the tragedy these kids perpetrated. From her missive: 'Video games DID NOT make this kid who he was, and it's unfortunate that the correlation is there. The thing that really gets me with this whole thing is that the kid knows full well that by equating what he's done to a video game, that he will generate controversy and media coverage. It makes me sick that the media is jumping all over this, because that is exactly the result that he wants. The only good thing (if there is such a thing) that has come out of this whole ordeal is that the kid is behind bars. That is exactly where he needs to be.'" Her letter is a passionate, troubling story, but well worth reading.
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Gamers perform better on surgical skill test

Blindside writes: Are surgeons who are also gamers at an advantage in the operating room? A new study showed that gamers had a distinct advantage in a surgical skills test. 'Neither years of training nor number of surgeries performed would predict performance on the laparoscopy skills test. Past gaming and current skills, in contrast, would. Those who had never gamed took significantly longer to complete the skills test, and had an error rate of roughly 1.5 times that of regular gamers. Similar correlations also held when gaming skills were tested: those scoring in the top third made nearly 50 percent fewer errors, and and performed the drill nearly 40 percent faster. For those keeping score at home, Super Monkey Ball 2 had the best correlation with surgical skills, Star Wars Racer Revenge the worst.'

Submission + - HD DVD on-the-fly copy tool announced

tronicum writes: Heise reports that Antigua based SlySoft announced a tool called "AnyDVD HD" which ripps AACS on-the-fly from HD DVD discs. It also allows to watch movies on a computer without HDCP equipment and comes with built-in UDF 2.5 for Windows XP. It ships for 79 US$.
The Courts

Sweden to Make Denial of Service Attacks Illegal 108

paulraps writes "Sweden is to pass legislation making Denial of Service attacks illegal. The offense will carry a maximum jail term of two years, and is thought to be a direct response to the attack which crashed the Swedish police's web site last summer. Nobody was charged for that, but the fact that it came shortly after a raid on the Pirate Bay's servers was thought by many to be not entirely coincidental. Sweden's move follows the UK, which is even tougher on web attackers — there the sentence can be over five years in prison."

Submission + - Wanna be great surgeon? Start playing video games

Anonymous Coward writes: "Surgeons with video game skill appear to perform better than non-gamers, according to a report in the February issue of Archives of Surgery, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. "Training curricula that include video games may help thin the technical interface between surgeons and screen-mediated applications, such as laparoscopic surgery," the authors conclude. "Video games may be a practical teaching tool to help train surgeons.""

Consumer Vista Upgrades Moving at Snail's Pace 269

Chester Freeze writes "During the holiday season, many shoppers bought PCs with the promise of quick, free Vista upgrades. The reality has been something else entirely: many Dell and HP customers are being told that they won't receive their copies of Vista before April. 'One source at a major OEM who spoke on condition of anonymity said that the real issue is that OEMs are still not sure which PCs are really ready to support Vista, and which PCs aren't... Customers who qualify for an Express Upgrade also qualify for OEM support for Windows Vista, even if their machines came with Windows XP. The last thing a Dell, Gateway, or HP wants to do is start sending out upgrades to customers who might have video cards that do not have particularly stable drivers yet (or sound cards, or RAID controllers, etc.). This could be a support disaster.'"
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - "You Don't Know Jack" to return in early M

Justin McElroy writes: "There's an update on the fate of the You Don't Know Jack series at "Blog: The Video Game," found at asp
Apparently, the series will be returning via a Web-based Flash game not available in stores. It's due to be released on March 5, which is good news for fans.


Justin McElroy"

Submission + - New search Feature in Google

Voelspriet writes: "Its not perfect, but hey, its new. Google accepts all kind of new search words. Type employees and a name of a company in Google. Now you know: Yahoo has more employees then Google. Says who? Wikipedia. Google recognizes the keywords from the info box on many pages. But thats not all. What was a label of popgroup Queen? Googles answers Queen — Label: Parlophone and links to Amazon in the UK (but it doesnt say sponsored link). Ever wonder what genre Slayer is?

If you want to know what is the religion of India, Google suggests you to visit .. Yahoo for the answer. Ever wondered what my time zone is? The language in Canada? Now you know. The internet TLD of Tokelau? Yup, still .tk. But who says so? Google quotes, but this site based its information on the CIA World Factbook of 2004.

Sometimes the information is from 2003 or older, sometimes it isnt complete: IBM is there, Indian Railways not. So how does Google decide which source to use? I counted over 100 different sources. It appears Google is simply parsing the "Infobox_Company" from the Wikipedia and other similar templates from other online sources, thanks Frank for pointing this out to me."

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