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Comment Re:Remember doing this once (Score 1) 248

I tend to agree that some overthinking is happening here with the original poster. It seems to me there those who often use a modern bit of technology, such as a VoiP app like Skype, which does more or less what he is asking regarding media control when a call comes in, and then expect all apps to do the same, whether they are of this century or not. Sometimes, ya just gotta pause the thing manually.

Submission + - iPhone hype has bred hysteria (wired.com)

BrianRagle writes: "Wired is running a story that the Apple iPhone's total cost of ownership could end up being...*gasp*...as much as one MILLION dollars!! Actually, their claim is closer to $6000, based upon cost of equipment, activation fee, and a 2 year contract with a $220 per month rate plan. Even more interesting, they belie their own hysterical headline with an "update" from Endgadget (of all places) which states the prices are pretty reasonable after all when compared against other smartphones in the market. This is followed by another update offering a sort-of apology to commenters who pointed out the obviousness of this contrived article.


I think the apparent lack of hidden charges is one of the things Apple scores big with: unlike so much in the cellphone game, you know what you're getting. It'll be interesting to see the first bills out from AT&T, so we can do an accounting of nickel and diming like the Federal Hogwash Fee and the New Mexico State Chump Charge.

Mea Culpa:

Before furiously heading for the comment box, please take a quick tour of our other posts today on Apple and the iPhone, most of which are extremely lovey. I'll be buying one of these fellas myself, so put the e-Meter away: I'm totally in the cult already.

I don't know which is worse. That Beschizza felt this topic was worthy of an entire posting or that he backed down so feebly in the face of others pointing out the obvious."

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