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Comment Re:Ebola obviously spreads more easily... (Score 1) 421

With the exception of Ms. Vinson's potential exposure to ~800 People, I'm not sure how You conclude "we aren't doing a great job at [containing Ebola in the U.S.]" Like Ms. Vinson, the only other two Individuals known to have contracted the disease were not adequately trained by the hospital in Texas. In fact, according to congressional testimony this week, They were not trained at all and the CDC had apparently informed the hospital not only did Workers need to be adequately trained but level 4 PPE was likely necessary, as opposed to the level 2 PPE used. Now, if by "we", You mean the Texas hospital, yes, I agree "we" aren't doing a great job at it. However, this point is not clear from Your statement.

Comment Re:Ebola obviously spreads more easily... (Score 1) 421

Thus proving my point. There is no such thing as truly ideal conditions

Except that's not how your point came across; it came across as "these are conditions ideal enough; therefore, the disease should not have spread".

if your disease management program starts with assuming that things are ideal it is going to fail.

It's not clear this assumption was made.

Comment Re:Everybody Panic! (Score 1) 421

Why isn't anyone blaming the administration? The people responsible for drawing up procedures, training their staff, monitoring operations, having the proper resources and facilities to get the job done, yeah those guys.

When did it become the administration's responsibility for all medical knowledge? The CDC is one of dozens, if not hundreds of medical organizations.

Comment Re:Everybody Panic! (Score 1) 421

It's just as likely aerosolized cough droplets, which is another thing the CDC insisted couldn't possibly happen.

When did the CDC say this? I know People have said the virus cannot become "airborne" but that's different than being shared via aerosolized droplets.

When it comes to a choice if blaming the victim or admitting that their protocol is woefully inadequate, the CDC seems to take the low road.

While I admit NBC has since changed its reporting on the issue I don't see any formal statements by Officials from the CDC "blaming the victim".

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