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Comment Re:Speaking of ignorant (Score 1) 332

Ah, ok. So as long as it's called the National Debt (which is caused by repeated budget deficits) and not "perpetual budget deficits", it's ok. The United States is owned by other nations, but we have good credit, so it doesn't matter. We just have to make sure that none of those other nations call in those debts, though, because if they do, we don't actually have enough economy PERIOD to pay them back. Maybe we'll just use our stellar credit again to pay them off with money from someone else which we can in turn owe far more to.

You work for HSBC, don't you? Well, stick to counting your dollar bills, because negative numbers are clearly beyond your grasp.

Submission + - Daylight-saving time: IT on lookout for glitches

coondoggie writes: "Scott Metzger wasn't taking any chances when it came to the earlier than usual daylight-saving shift that happened on Sunday, but even with extra staff on hand and system changes completed a week ago, he's not resting easy until he sees how things play out over the next few days. "It is too early to tell if there are ... issues on the horizon, especially since we send and get data to and from a large number of third party sources," says Metzger, CTO at consumer credit management firm TrueCredit in San Luis Obispo, Calif. "While we have been told they are all on schedule with their updates, only time will tell." A survey of a handful of IT managers on Sunday showed that most have feelings similar to Metzger's. While changes generally went smoothly, IT executives say they are remaining vigilant over the next few days as they watch for issues related to the daylight-saving shift. http://www.networkworld.com/news/2007/031207-dayli ght-savings.html"

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