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Comment Ketchup vs Catch up (Score 1) 187

The difference between ketchup and catch up is that the former can be put on top of a burger whereas the latter may include needing to actually make one. There are a few good ideas raised by new searchers mentioned, but they certainly have a lot of catch up to play. I think the idea of relevant categories to browse in addition to however many results you are displaying on the page is good, and I liked how Clusty did that. The problem is that the main results are very poor. Not to say that google would never give you irrelevant results, all I mean is that I would never be inclined to hit any "I'm Feeling Lucky" button on any of this new searches right now. It's much harder for the new developers to perfect relevancy than it is for google to add in results plopped into categories. I'm sure they could produce a Beta version of it that would last longer than the lifetime of some newer companies. It's great that the new startups would like to be the next google and want to influence the world, but not all things are so replaceable. Hold on though, I need to go register for the Green Party.

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