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Comment Data dump (Score 1) 479

Honestly, the best way to go about it is to do a data dump: Explain in detail to the 1st level support what you've done already, and what the symptoms are. They'll either understand and do what needs to be done (pass you along, send you a new modem, send out a new tech) or not understand and try to stick to their script. If you throw in "I have already power-cycled" several times, they'll usually catch on. When I worked in level 1 support for many years, I was more impressed by someone telling me detailed information rather than trying to get to a higher level support or throwing around titles. (When Mr. I-am-an-MCSE had no idea what an IP address was, I lost all respect for titles)

Comment Re:Hulu? (Score 4, Insightful) 829

It detracts from the ratings. Unlike movies, where they claim torrents steal money from their pockets, shows depend on their viewers. The more legitimate viewers they get, the more likely the show will stay on the air. They can watch the viewers on TV, adding in +3 and +7 for DVR counts, and find out how many times it's been watched on iTunes and Hulu, along with other websites. What they can't count is how many people have torrented the show. More people torrenting mean less people being counted, which means lower ratings, which means cancelled shows. Torrent may be great for people outside of the country who won't see it, but within the viewing areas (in this case, US, Canada, and the UK), it hurts more than helps.

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