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Comment Re:Unintended Consequences? Unfortunately - Not! (Score 1) 597

Is only fun and games untill litigation begins. If any content is illegal just remove it! saves all parties involved the stupidity factor. powerful companies should do what is correct at all times and if something is illegal just remove it show integrity . "Do good and dont look to who" dont just protect the elite. Protect us all. And dmca issues due to id theft are even more delicate,the identity of the victim or whether is a huge company or just a student! Honor the law! Dmca isnt understood by mainstream ppl like us until our personal portrait appears on an offending site,and you need to reach out for help and the dmca takedown drama

Comment author:Brenda Lee Ayala Parrilla (Score 1) 597

This made me laugh! LOL I guess is all fun and games untill litigation begins. I think everyone deserves the chance to fair resolutions saving all parties involved the stupidity factor. When something violates the law just remove it... and show integrity."Do good and dont look to who!"

Comment Re:Too cool (Score 1) 220

Anyone knows any updates on the "lisa path finder project of nasa? ;) how can they invest a trillion dollars and now be so quiet about it.. Hmmm makes it more interesting..landing on other planets is wonderfull but the possibility of finding multiverses is mind blowing,that is the mission of lisa pathfinder the biggest laser satelite of all. As explained by Dr Mitchio kaku. Lisa pathfinder was sent out last year but was not announced or was it? ;)

Comment Re:Your eyes (Score 1) 97

So proud! Go nasa! Anyone know any update on nasas "lisa pathfinder"almost secret project ;) is interesting... The lisa pathfinder project was far more expensive than this one that it has become a secret ;) maybe they found the multiverses they were looking for ;) as explained by Dr Mitchio kaku.. There are things way more mind blowing than landing on mars..dimentional duality is far more interesting.

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