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Comment Re:WHO CARES?! (Score 1) 259

I'm done. I have 3 paying accounts in this game and have had them for over 1 year. After this, I'm through. CCP has done NOTHING to correct the problem from last time and they still exact a "ban 1st get to the facts later" when allegations against them come to light.

Submission + - More Allegations of Developer Misconduct in EVE

umilmi81 writes: The EVE Online player based alliance GoonSwarm has published an open letter, including screen shots, accusing CCP employees of joining a member corporation, giving himself director level permissions, and then leaving the corporation.

In-game petitions sent to CCP about the incident were subsequently deleted. A forum moderator acknowledged the accusations, and has directed the matter to internal affairs.

CCP created an internal affairs department after admitting developer misconduct on previous occasions.

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