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Comment The Large Hard-on Collider (Score 1) 93

--- The Battle of the Titans has been established in a town of the (middle West?) famed for drag racing, bike jumps across gulches and similar macho standoffs. Turned-on-technologists from all States convene for the Battle of the Schwarz. (Der Schwarzbattelgotterdammerunggesellschaft) Two champions, representing their respective armies, face off on the Plain. Passions rise. Injuries are attempted. Few occur. (Spirit willing, but..) Finally tempers abate and the parties go home, deflated but having had their Day On the Plains, confronting the greatest of their generation.

Comment Subject vs. Object (Score 1) 93

POst-quark APril 1 charm Agreeably hard to distinguish true content from false on this year's Topeka date. Twitterers driving Hollywoood seems well pitched close enough to the believability threshold to cause real doubt. Every day I read Slashdot expecting to be on the boundary between the beliebavle and the possible but not yet practical. As someone who prefers the bright haze of a documentary to the potential fuzz of fiction I wonder is the appeal of Slashdot: the be the source in reality for the sciFi desire in our day-job bound reality-needing souls? I certainly open it looking for that "could it be?" buzz. PS. Talking virtual reality, has anyone detected the potential typo of hadron for hard-on?

Comment Re:Pixels Are Your Friend (Score 1) 668

lETS FACE IT THE proper laptop of the future should come with six separate fold-out screens (in material as thin as virtual paper) so you can keep an eye on 7 separate windows at once. You know it's a need. Just that nobody got wise to satisfying it yet. And obviously so called widescreen, if this is really true, entraps my work (translator - keep eye on original and product 24/7, got it?) as obviously everyon (typo rival to Enron) needs lots of vertical space.

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