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Comment Heroes, fuckin' heroes (Score 1) 168

Soon after I heard of Neil Armstrong's passing I was chatting with my wife about the lack of real heroes, men that were so far above mortal men with actions, deeds and behavior that all of us could only look up to them in awe.

From now on we'll hear more and more about the Apollo 11 crew and I truly doubt what we'll hear will make them lesser Gods. These little tidbits of how these men were scared but braved through it accomplish such feats are part of the mythology of our times.

Full moon tonight, don't forget to look up and remember Neil.

Comment If you're short on time... (Score 2) 655

Start with the 11th Doctor.

It's a sort-of fresh start and while it does reference the past Doctors, if you're interested in knowing more - look up the episode on Wikipedia and I'm sure a bigger nerd will have linked to the past episode.

The biggest things that came back from past episodes were the Steven Moffat episodes from the previous seasons - those might be worth viewing just to catch up and also to see how good Doctor Who can be if in the hands of a good writer.

Previous Steven Moffat stories:
Series 1:
1.9 "The Empty Child"
1.10 "The Doctor Dances"

Series 2:
2.4 "The Girl in the Fireplace"

Series 3:
3.10 "Blink"

Series 4:
4.9 "Silence in the Library"
4.10 "Forest of the Dead"

Just listing those episodes reminds me of a lot of the stuff introduced in them that are referenced in later episodes.

Comment Another anecdote (Score 1) 220

I don't know if it's true or not but my definitely non-gamer wife that only 3 years ago started driving drives like a mad-woman in town while I, a driver for the past 15 years and avid gamer, drive cautiously and actively avoid conflict. When we hit highways, we trade personalities - I drive fast and furious, respecting as many laws as I dare, while my wife turns into 25kph-old-man-with-blinkers-on.

I tell her that I don't trust other drivers in town, I feel like they can swerve at any time and cut me off - like they do in oh-so-many games. On highways I feel more at ease so I cut loose and step on it.

Comment Re:Try Minecraft (Score 1) 418

It's uncanny that you just described my past 3 months of gaming and the submitter described my feelings of late.

After finishing Mass Effect 2 (which I recommend, along with Dragon Age) I spent a while with Minecraft until I started to feel sick playing it, the game is awesome but the cramped spaces or heights and constant sense of fear had me feeling woozy so I had to step away and I turned back to Mount & Blade and Mount & Blade: Warbands. The vanilla game isn't all that hot but the mods, oh boy, the mods are worth it even if a few are buggy. I personally like Prophecy of Pendor (M&B) and Brytenwalda (M&B:Warbands) - both change the game significantly for the better but they're not easy and, while the AI is still dumb as a rock, the battles are still a lot of fun.

Currently I prefer games that I can play at my own pace - an hour a day - but still have a sense of accomplishment. I'm still not a fan of casual games but I can find fun in them but I still like the idea of building characters or worlds except not in MMORPG's, I tried that once as a way to kill an hour a day and lost 14 months of my life.

Comment Re:I can't freakin' wait, man. (Score 1) 183

I too loved Dragon Age: Origins.

The whole world seemed so alive and the break of a few RPG paradigms (No Clerics, dwarfs with US accents, elves with spanish... I FUCKIN' LOVED THAT!) brought back that feeling I had as a teen playing RPGs - I really could lose myself in that world.

At any rate, I'll anxiously wait for it and I'll buy it like a good Bioware fanboy should and I'll love it.

I only hope they make a proper PC version for the game like they did for Dragon Age: Origins. I can't even begin to describe how much I hate Mass Effect 2's PC-as-a-second-thought interface. Mind you, the game is awesome, the scope is epic, the story is fantastic, the sound and visuals are breathtaking and the characters are all "real" but the console-like controls drive me nuts.

Comment Not surprising (Score 3, Insightful) 156

China is giving the world the middle finger and not giving a shit about the repercussions.

Face it, corporations are hungry for dollars and one of the only markets left for them is China and the whole Google thing proved that it doesn't matter what China does, the corporations are going to fall in line and obediently do what China wants of them. Of all the companies affected by the breech only Google has spoken out - the rest are quiet and will remain so in fear of losing precious Chinese business.

China has seen that it has nothing to fear from the corporate world - the ones that give them money. They'll do whatever they want now - taking down sites and silencing opposition will only be met with silence and their homeland population is so docile that they'll never revolt so why the fuck should they care.

Comment Bye-bye BF Heroes! (Score 1) 221

I really enjoyed playing BF Heroes - it's light, I never felt that other players had unfair advantages, the promise of no grind, easy to pick up and get going game with fun graphics and I was happy. There was a single problem that use to keep me from giving them some paypal love - the game would disconnect me for no reason after 5 minutes or so of no-lag play.

I was patiently waiting for this to be fixed or for servers to pop up here in Brazil but alas - the fun of BF Heroes is gone.

Paying now means serious advantages to gameplay so no more for me, I don't have hours a day to play nor do I think that I should constantly pay for a game so I'll stick to CS:Source or my other free-to-play games and give money to indie game companies.

EA screwed up BF Heroes, what was fun now became unbalanced - all the best to the players that stick around but I'm having none of it.

Comment Not exactly related to the patent (Score 3, Informative) 150

But weren't there a few guys, back in 1999 that used to have a pretty neat weekly show. Back then I don't think they were called podcasts but I do remember that the shows were really fun.

Anyway, I found a link to it on Wikipedia but I'm sure there are more links around.

It was called Geeks in Space, or something like that, and the site's admins that used to make the show was called flashdot, dashdot, slashdort or something like that.

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