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Comment Re: Good (Score 1) 64

I'm confused by this. It's very easy to remove a rescue email from your account, you can do it yourself. Here is an article that describes how: Once you have removed that rescue email only the person with the password to the primary email address will be able to get in to reset the password. If you need to reset your security questions to access the section where that information is located you would have to call in to support and verify that you are the account holder.

Comment (Score 1) 386

I am neither a hobbyist, or eccentric millionaire, and I want both of these things. I would use my Google Glass in my self-driving Google car, while talking to someone on my Google Nexus phone, and casting a movie to my Google Nexus 7 to ease the boredom. Google that.

Comment Meh.... (Score 1) 103

It looked pretty funny to me, and I'm a developer. I know what's not right, but that doesn't make the stuff any less funny. And so far I've pretty much never agreed with any critic, so I think I'll make up my own mind. Prime example, most of the critics said the new Star Trek movie sucked. As a hard cord Trek fan for almost 20 years, I'm only 30, I loved it. TL;DR: Critics are stupid, make up your own mind.

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