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Comment All done now (Score 4, Interesting) 280

As an MCT, I get the TechNet subscription as part of my annual fees. Probably the most valuable benifit of the MCT program. Since I'm not really doing much with MSFT training these days, having much more fun with Linux and Open Source stuff, I've been debating weather or not to keep my MSFT certifications going. I stopped doing all the Novell certification crap back in the '90s as they became less and less relevant. I'm thinking this is just more MSFT not being able to figure out how to play in today's environment. I guess I'm done with Microsoft now.

Comment When she goes to work.... (Score 1) 743

Assuming she finds work as an engineer somewhere, she will probably be issued an employee badge. She will then be asked to "badge in" when she comes to work each day. Is she going to sue her employer because this is against her belief system? Sorry, I agree with her in principle, but I' afraid she has just torpedoed her career.

Submission + - LEGO is in trouble with feminists (

Bravoc writes: "The new “LEGO Friends” rolled out in December featuring LadyFigs, curvier takeoffs on the traditional boxy LEGO men. Construction sets include a hot tub, a splash pool, a beauty parlor, an outdoor bakery and a “cool convertible," as well as an inventor's workshop.
But the SPARK Movement objects to the "LadyFigs," the female version of the little figures who man the spaceships, trucks and forts children create. "Ladyfigs" are somewhat anatomically correct, which hypersexualizes girls, according to the group.
"They have little breasts and they have fancy hair," the organization's executive director, Dana Edell, told "And it just disturbs us that this is the image that they want girls to see."
(as opposed to mostly anatomically incorrect BIG breasts and fancy hair — ala Barbi. Maybe they are just upset at fancy hair?)"

Comment Re:Contrast with consumer hard drive prices (Score 1) 96

Oh yea, don't get me wrong - they made money on the HDs. The thing is, they make WAY more on the software. When it comes down to it though, their money is in the software.

I probably shouldn't have opened my mouth anyway, I got sick of defending their hard drive prices when I worked there, been gone over a year - don't want to revisit that BS.

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