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Comment Dependencies among projects (Score 4, Interesting) 154

All these projects depend on the Make government more transparent. Without this one, the governments will limit all other projects. This is exactly the same reason why Lawrence Lessig is fighting corruption and not copyright problems. He was fighting people that couldn't hear him. So, I vote for it.

Comment Re:Poratibility (Score 1) 569

I'm using ext3 in Windows too, as a shared /home with Linux. No problems at all. I've redirected the My Documents of all users to their respective home folder and most of them don't even now that. Of course, everybody can read everyone else's files, but that's why encryption exists. The only problem is the Windows's Desktop folder, since it is outside My Documents and would be lost if the Windows partition happens to die (I haven't bothered to search for a solution for this problem. Anyone?). This setup works marvelously for me.

Comment No (Score 1) 494

Actually, it's been the other way. Specifically when learning new languages, I've found that reading a text and typing it at the same time is a very good way to learn how to spell the words, keep new vocabulary in your mind, and a lot of other things. This is the best way (besides talking) that I've found to learn a new language. Maybe this works with your mother language too, but I have not tested.

Comment SSN = identity? (Score 1) 91

Let me understand...

There is a government site that returns your signature, photo, complete name, DNA, fingerprint, all passwords, a 3D model of you, your sex tapes, etc., in the case you've lost them... Just put your SSN and you get back your lost identity. Is this the problem with SSNs?

Maybe credit companies just accept that you are someone else just because you know his/her SSN and last name...

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