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Comment Re:Sounds like bullshit to me. (Score 1) 373

Hey, my CMV Negative brother from another mother! I've been doing the same, donating whole blood every 8 weeks, or red cells every 16 weeks, for the same reasons. Almost at the 12 gallon mark with the San Diego Blood Bank. One time I asked them what the difference was between them and the Red Cross, and the person just replied with, "We're better." I think it's just that they supply local hospitals first, then share with others. Doesn't matter, as long as you are donating to help save lives. Do it for the donut.

Comment Re:Looks like money money is going to LG (Score 1) 116

My same thought, I change the battery in my Note 4 all the time, and when I replace it I will still want that capability. I don't use the S-Pen very much, so I won't miss it if I change manufacturers. It may sound useless to many people, but I still miss having a working FM radio, like in the HTC One series. Although it may be my carrier, Verizon, because I heard the radio does work on the Note 4 on Sprint.

Comment Re:How were crimes solved before cell phones? (Score 1) 254

Before cell phones criminals didn't have hand held computers capable of unbreakable encryption. Court order with a simple wire tap could reveal a lot, or eaves dropping on cell phones with a spectrum analyzer, which doesn't work any more. I suppose they need to go back to planting undercover agents who can intercept the communications first hand, if they don't get discovered doing it. I hope the next round of government in the states doesn't screw this up.

Comment Re:Thanks for the concise summary (Score 1) 187

They started the prosecution against "John Doe," which was news to me when I watched the shows on the History Channel. They can match up the real person later and still prosecute him. I was hoping that the FBI would drop the case against John Doe, so that maybe the real culprit would come forward. One of the crime reporters thinks it was Rackstraw, now living in San Diego.

Comment In the Eighties (Score 1) 515

Typing BASIC commands from books into a TRS-80 MC-10, connected to a TV, saved to cassette tapes. Then later on a C-64, then onto x86 machines, some Sperry-Univac stuff, and eventually computer science.

There are over a hundred podcast stories of how people got into computing here:
I've listened to about a dozen of them, some are very interesting.

Comment I doubt anything will change (Score 1) 340

I've been annoyed by the lack of FM radio on my phone for years now. My Samsung Omnia and Motorola Droid X on Verizon had the basic FM radio (not HD), but my Samsung Note 2 and Note 4 on Verizon do not have a working FM radio. The same phone on Sprint has the radio, and they even advertise it with the NextRadio app. I've seen an HTC M8 with a working FM radio on Verizon. I could have switched to the M8, or maybe it's time to try Sprint, since I had a recent bad sales experience with Verizon.

I've asked about this in forums, and one explanation was that the carrier and manufacturer must pay licensing and spectrum testing fees to the FCC. Some carriers and some manufacturers won't pay the additional cost for the FM radio testing. Another explanation is that HTC left the hooks intact, but removed the radio app, and Samsung actually removed the hooks to the FM radio on Verizon phones, but not in Sprint phones. Maybe it was at the request of Verizon, to force users into streaming radio. Customer service doesn't seem to know anything about this, some don't even know the difference between FM radio and streaming.

I've heard that HD is proprietary and manufacturers don't want to pay licensing. It would be nice to have some kind of digital broadcast available, like they have in Norway. Plain old FM radio at least.

Another argument is that it's not worth the effort since radio listeners are declining. They could leave the FM tuner working and let the owner decide to use it or not. If you don't like it, don't listen. I listen quite a bit, by carrying around a small Insignia HD. A few years ago I won so much stuff on the radio that they sent me a W-2 form, which included $2,404 in cash prizes.

This was discussed on NPR last year:

Comment Take a Gap 4 Years (Score 1) 256

For those not coming from wealthy families, or not having another means of paying for college, there is also the military option of a 4 year gap (or 6 for technical fields in the USA). Choose from land, sea, or air, go places, learn things, and have some college money when done. If you can, take courses using their tuition assistance and save that G.I. Bill for later. If you like it, stay for 20 and start collecting retirement before you turn 40. Not for everyone, but an option for those who can do it.

Comment Re: Subversion of the West (Score 1) 1080

but most of whom are just lazy and happy to live off government cheese.

Have you ever lived of "government cheese" ? It's not much, you often have to be very very creative to survive on it.
You don't always get it neither: you're not handicapped enough, you have inherited 1/16 of family property (which you can't sell) or have a significant other with a high paying fulltime job.
And if you do finally manage to get it, it binds you to another exhausting set of rules and restrictions.
For me it was eventually just easier to get a job than to plough through all the bureaucracy and this is in socialist paradise (Belgium).
But there are people out there who are discarded by the social system and have to "mooch" of their relatives because
their papers don't have the right stamps or they can't make heads or tails of this always-changing process.

Plus, if I remember correctly, that stuff is really hard to melt.

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