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Comment Re:February 1978 ... (Score 1) 857

10 years as an ET, working on aircraft carrier UHF/SHF/EHF systems. Had a TRS-80 MC-10 in the early 80s, but in the late 80s and early 90s was working on Sperry-Univac AN/UYK-20s (yuck 20) with the core memory, and switches to step through octal codes, and they were paper/mylar tape loaded. Also brought my TI-85 (later 86 and 89) with for something to program on. Even had the link cable with homemade serial port adapter for saving programs to a PC when space was needed.

Comment Re:TRS-80 (Score 1) 857

Same - TRS-80 MC10 Color Computer 4K RAM, with the 16K expansion module on the back, cassette loaded, crappy old TV for a monitor, typed in programs from some books and magazines, around 1982 or 83. It was cool at the time, but then a couple years later I got a C-64 with 300 baud modem, which was when the real fun began. I wish I still had them, but when I was in the Navy I donated them to a local computer club. A very old man was happy to receive them, especially the C-64 accessories.

I should come back later and tell the story of how we obtained the MC-10.

Comment Re:Taxes are for dummies (Score 1) 903

Anyone that says that willfully disregards Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid taxes which are NOT exempted under any circumstance.

I can list many government employers, like police departments, that in fact do not pay into SS. I do not think any should be exempt, but there are many.

Comment Re:Stress? (Score 1) 193

Maybe stronger, but not to live longer. Short term ok, but avoid long term stress.

"Telomeres are a protective casing at the end of a strand of DNA. Each time a cell divides, it loses a bit of its telomeres. An enzyme called telomerase can replenish it, but chronic stress and cortisol exposure decrease your supply. When the telomere is too diminished, the cell often dies or becomes pro-inflammatory. This sets the aging process in motion, along with associated health risks."

Comment Re:Podcasts (Score 1) 268

I'll need to try Security Now. I have been listening to the Risky Business weekly pod cast, usually near the start or end of a work day. Patrick Gray seems to cover a good amount of current security issues. He's Australian, so be prepared for the accent Americans.

Comment Note 7 Hardware Reuse (Score 1) 146

They gotta do something with all that recalled hardware from the Note 7. I'm wondering if they put it into the S8 or Note 8.

Yes on headphone jack, yes on removable battery, and please bring back my FM radio (headphone jack is needed for the antenna).

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