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Comment It Might be the Battery (Score 2) 130

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with Android 6 Marshmallow here. I'm an avid battery swapper, always keeping one charged so I can get back to 100% in several seconds, and benefit from a clean boot. I just don't like having the phone plugged into a charger all the time, or walking around with a cord hanging out to a portable charger. My phone recently started suddenly losing power around 30%, not shutting down, just turning off and getting stuck in a loop booting up. I noticed that it happens with only one of the batteries. The other battery will keep the phone running all the way down to 2% if I let it. I still swap the batteries, but the bad one has a "30%" marked on it with a blue Sharpie just so I know when to expect it to die. Someday I might replace that bad one and see how a new one performs. From what I hear, most new phones lack the capability of allowing the owner to change the battery. In my experience the battery is the most likely thing to fail, followed by the glass from contact with concrete.

Comment Re:License is a fair question (Score 1) 188

I agree they must have been doing work for a client that has a license. If they had their own license, wouldn't the EULA prevent them from performing vulnerability research (hacking) on their software? Wouldn't their EULA prevent customers from allowing contractors to hack on the software? Sounds like a lot of lawyers are going to be involved.

Comment Re:NYC protest is pretty big (Score 1) 1368

Regarding California, after it seceeds, where will they get water?

Northern California, and the Pacific Ocean. We've already stated with Poseidon in Carlsbad, and some local water agencies desalinate brackish ground water. All California needs to do is expand ocean water desalination, which they should, even if there is no CalExit.

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