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Comment Re:Totally untrue (Score 1) 91

I feel the same way, almost level 25 and have not purchased any items, and still fun. I work in an area where I can walk for 1 hour and hit about 50 Pokestops, and then I go to other places to use them, and the cycle repeats. The first 200 coins I earned from gyms went to a bag upgrade. With 9 5k eggs I have been tempted to purchase some incubators, because after walking 232km so far, I want to open more eggs. I might make that decision after I get to 1000km. If I get into better shape and lost some weight, it would be worth it to spend a few dollars on this game.

Comment Re:Sounds like bullshit to me. (Score 1) 373

Hey, my CMV Negative brother from another mother! I've been doing the same, donating whole blood every 8 weeks, or red cells every 16 weeks, for the same reasons. Almost at the 12 gallon mark with the San Diego Blood Bank. One time I asked them what the difference was between them and the Red Cross, and the person just replied with, "We're better." I think it's just that they supply local hospitals first, then share with others. Doesn't matter, as long as you are donating to help save lives. Do it for the donut.

Comment Re:Looks like money money is going to LG (Score 1) 116

My same thought, I change the battery in my Note 4 all the time, and when I replace it I will still want that capability. I don't use the S-Pen very much, so I won't miss it if I change manufacturers. It may sound useless to many people, but I still miss having a working FM radio, like in the HTC One series. Although it may be my carrier, Verizon, because I heard the radio does work on the Note 4 on Sprint.

Comment Re:How were crimes solved before cell phones? (Score 1) 254

Before cell phones criminals didn't have hand held computers capable of unbreakable encryption. Court order with a simple wire tap could reveal a lot, or eaves dropping on cell phones with a spectrum analyzer, which doesn't work any more. I suppose they need to go back to planting undercover agents who can intercept the communications first hand, if they don't get discovered doing it. I hope the next round of government in the states doesn't screw this up.

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