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Comment So much for discrimination (Score 1) 144

I'm a software engineer in my sixties. I got hired last year by Amazon. Two weeks ago I finally updated by LinkedIn profile to include my "new" job at Amazon. Within a week I was contacted by Google to hear if I would be interested in pursuing a career at Google.

Based on my educational background posted on my LinkedIn profile it should be clear that I'm at least 55+. I actually had an internal recruiter at a different company recommending me to remove the year I got my degree from my profile as it leaked my age.

Comment Re:Sadly, calculus is not all that useful... (Score 1) 134

Machine learning is a field where calculus is used pervasively. How do you do parameter estimation in a neural network? It's the chain rule from calculus. Who is using machine learning? Spam detection (Hotmail, Gmail). Speech recognition, natural language UI (Apple Siri, Google Now). Recommender systems (Amazon, Netflix). Image recognition (Google Goggles).

Comment Why is Apple shipping non-optimized code? (Score 3, Insightful) 425

If this is an assert as it appears to be, my question is, why is it in shipping code. Normally asserts are controlled by the NDEBUG symbol (or equivalent) which is undefined in optimized builds. In my opinion asserts should not be in shipping code. You should have something more solid in place.

Comment Re:Bad. Wrong. Evil. (Score 1) 140

So, if a company commits fraud (take peoples money, don't deliver products), Visa and Mastercard are not allowed to cut them off before a court has delivered judgement? Even with thousands of complains? Of course with most of these companies you would have to have multiple judgements for different countries.

Comment Long way to go (Score 1) 339

I have just finished a couple of online classes with udacity, Applied Cryptography CS387 and Design of Computer Programs CS212. The latter class was fine although they totally messed up the final. Each problem required corrections and/or clarifications. CS387 was a joked taught by a novice. Things like using padding that you can’t reverse, or sending encrypted messages that only a person who intercepts multiple of them can decrypt (the intended recipients were unable to decrypt the message they received). Or how do you like to have a “professor” who after several attempts over several days can’t correctly phrase a question on the final. Happily we now have a video giving the “correct answer” to a nonsense question. Final stupidity, he subtracted 8 from 64 and got 58. Incompetent in my opinion.
That is what you have to put up with right now. There is a long way for this to be of serious value.

Comment Re:Huh? I thought they were so last 5 miuntes? (Score 4, Interesting) 59

Microsoft has a matching program for employee donation. It matches dollar by dollar and even donates $17 per hour if you do volunteer work. Microsoft also have the Giving Campaign (October in the US). Here different groups compete about raising the most donations (cash). There are fund raising events like breakfast with your Senior VP being your server, or auctions (dinner at home with Bill Gates is typical a top draw ~$50,000). In 2009 the Giving Campaign raised $70 million (cash) in the US. That is $35 millions from employees (about $500 per employee) and $35 millions from MS.

Comment What about C++ headers with template functions (Score 1) 247

I have always wondered about C++ header files. Take the Standard C++ Library, things like like the file "algorithm". Here you have the entire implementation of things like sort written as a template function which gets instantiated into actual code compiled and linked into your project. I presume such header files can be copyrighted. It actually requires thinking to do a good implementation of a template function doing sort (typically IntroSort). Since the instantiation gets compiled into your code what license covers your project?

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