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Comment Re:It still boggles my mind... (Score 1) 67

You think you could finally get away from x86 after being nearly nuked into oblivion. You would probably still recreate it, just because so much software was written on it that would probably still exist. If you wanted an x86 free world, you would not only have to destroy all the hardware, but all the software as well. At best, you might finally Finish the transition to x64

Comment Re:F-22 (Score 1) 304

Skip the F-22, and some day the US might find itself going up with F-15s against Typhoons, and that's a bloody dangerous thing to be doing.

That is the very reason the F-35 is set to become the most produced jet fighter. Better than everything but the F-22 but not quite as expensive.


4.7GHz IBM Power6 Spotted 296

Ilgaz notes that The Register has posted benchmark results from Oracle 11i running on four 4.7GHz Power6 chips. Quoting: "The speedy chips confirm IBM's boasting that Power6 would arrive near 5GHz. They also show that IBM's customers have a lot to look forward to in terms of raw performance." Rumor has it that the Power6 chips will be announced on Tuesday.

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