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Comment Orlando view (Score 1) 236

I was on lunch break at Nuclear Power School in Orlando. From Orlando we could tell the boosters had seperated too early and we could see the cloud forming where the main fuel tank had been. We had a much better view of what was happening in the first 10-15 seconds than anyone at KSC. I was again in Orlando in 2003, laying in bed waiting for the tell tale sound of Columbia's pass as it approached KSC. When it was 10 minutes late I told my wife that I thought the shuttle must have had a problem on reentry.

Comment Re:Pussyfication (Score 1) 645

Good idea! Perhaps we could recruit some toothless red necks from Missouri. I am sure they are trustworthy enough to decide what a pirate looks like. They are also likely to be cheaper than retired special forces people. I suggest we develope a side rail that breaks away when a grappling hook latches on. I am confident we can win a cold war of anti grappling hook defences vs. advanced grappling hooks.

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