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Comment Re:Blasphemy? (Score 1) 949

Sorry, it's concede and not conceive. My mistake. Also, I wanted to be honest. I did read parts of the Bible and intend to read it in full eventually as I want to read other spiritual texts, but the parts I already read seems (to me) to not be that "godly". If you look at the Book of Kings, Elijah saw God start a fire to prove his existence. That's not a subtle God. If he were to exist, he could easily prove his existence today by appearing on TV or something like that. And yet, he doesn't want to do that and we're all going to hell if we don't blindly believe... This is in part why my "pre-conceived understanding of the world" has a problem with yours (if you are a believer). Anyway, peace be on you. :)

Comment Re:Blasphemy? (Score 1) 949

Ok, but Gentiles are non-Israelite tribes or nations so why would a god ask for different people to act differently? If Gentiles is only for Christians, then why would the same god would ask Jews to act in a way and Christians in another way. Finally, if Gentiles is taken in the sense of non-Christians and non-Jews, why would these specifications matter since they would go to Hell anyway?

Comment Re:What A Mess (Score 1) 949

Oh, I'm not a Muslim. I thought it was clear I was quoting from yahoo answers.

To answer your question, they think God is real so even if we don't want to believe in it, we can't escape his laws. In the West, it is true we don't really have to follow their vision of the world as much, but if we were in a mixed society and you would start putting statues of Jesus, Moses, etc. everywhere, they would make sure to destroy them. Why? Because, in their opinion, they have the truth.

Comment Re:Blasphemy? (Score 1) 949

And those that don't either can't be called strictly Christians or...give the "by the book" group power, give them validity; so there's really not much difference.

Have you talked to real Christians? They pity us and believe we are going to eternally burn in a lake of fire. So, even if we are not Christians, they truly believe they have the truth and that we are sinning. You might believe you have the freedom to do things they don't like, but for them you are testing God. I've used logic and they aren't stupid. They know their bible is illogical. Their defense is simply that God is more intelligent and that it's only stupid for our human brains...

Comment Re:What A Mess (Score 1) 949

I'm going to blatantly copy and paste an answer from Kwlest


I'm a Muslim & I'm glad you asked this question - (sorry if my answer is too long)

Some people who call them selves Muslims have blown this out of proportion, letting their Anger overcome them.

As Muslims if we call for protests on the drawings of Prophet Mohamed we should have protested the same way when the movie passion of Christ was made as it is degradation of one of the Greatest prophets sent by God

Sadly similar to some Christians and Jews who do not know their religion properly there is a group of Muslims who do not know what they are doing or why they are doing so; in the process they have done more harm to Islam than the original drawing.

But here is the reason why you should not draw a picture of a Prophet (notice I said prophet and not just Mohamed)

A prophet is a Human sent by God to spread the word of God and if one does a painting of this man then with due time others would start idolizing this picture and praying to it instead of God, associating partners with God is an unforgivable sin

it is best to avoid drawing pictures of prophets as this would result in hanging such paintings/Drawings in important places and respecting it as if it were holy

Having said that, drawing inappropriate pictures of anyone for that matter is morally incorrect, imagine I draw a picture of someone’s mother or father in a degrading manner how offensive is that to the persons children, they may not react the same way but it is equally degrading

Why would a non Muslim want to draw a picture of Prophet Mohamed in a wrong manner (if not to anger Muslims) you can call it freedom but Freedom is a trial from God and to miss use it is to be answerable to God and we have no right to kill or hurt such a person

When Prophet Mohamed visited a town and the people of that town stoned him God sent the Angel Gabriel and asked the prophet if you wish god has sent me to punish them and our beloved prophet said No, Maybe some day they will realize their mistake and accept the right path therefore I forgive them

When the prophet was not angry of attacks against him why should we act in Anger

I conclude with a saying from the Quran

O you who believe seek help through perseverance and Prayer; surely, ALLAH is with those who patiently persevere.” [Quran 02:153]

Lets be patient and Allah is surely with those who are patient as mentioned in above verse of the Quran and we should not worry about their plans against Islam, we all should pray and Ask Allah to save us from their evil plans against Islam

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