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Submission + - How to Combat IP-Based Censorship?

An anonymous reader writes: For a while now there has been a lot of buzz on a new proposed censorship scheme in Turkey. The government wants to crack down on freedom of speech and other rights by preventing us from accessing any websites it deems unsuitable. The reasons for that could be criticism of the government, pornography and basically anything a politician might dislike (Youtube is blocked for example, not sure about Google etc. because I'm bypassing the filter). Right now the state is using DNS-based filtering which can be circumvented with OpenDNS or proxy services which everybody knows about in Turkey. On August 22 however a new scheme will go into effect that uses IP-based filtering. Bypassing this by any means is illegal, but I wanted to get some opinions on how this could be done without having to set up a VPN server outside of Turkey and using it as a private proxy. (Really sorry for the lack of good sources but most of the articles I found are not in English.)

Comment How about... (Score 1) 189

These hackers disappear for a few months and then come out with the information they have stolen?

That would teach quite a lot of people that not all problems can just be forgotten after a short while. (Or what it means to have everybody access your mobile number and e-mail address like on social networking sites where complete strangers could find enough information to host a surprise birthday parties at somebody's house.)

Comment 1984? Honestly... (Score 2) 185

What happened to the world? Didn't every country in the "Western World" praise democracy and freedom of speech as the ultimate goal of the government until now? And now these idiots collectively decided that these can't give them enough power and changed their minds. China has long been famous for being a police state, but now the US of A have started moving - no, racing - in that direction. PATRIOT Act? TSA? WikiLeaks?

I wonder that the majority of the world has let them act like this until now. I honestly expected people would see their mistakes when WikiLeaks started publishing all those documents, but the ones in power have proven to be capable of preventing that. I don't know how this will go on, but I'm pretty sure some people will be really screwed in the end. I hope it's not us.

I'm pretty sure in the next few years or decades, things are going to change very quickly. History is repeating itself for the nth time. How long will that continue?

Submission + - Link between Magnetism, Superconductivity

GisG writes: European and U.S. physicists this week are offering up the strongest evidence yet that magnetism is the driving force behind unconventional superconductivity. The findings by researchers from Rice University, the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids (MPI-CPfS) in Dresden, Germany, and other institutions were published online today in Nature Physics. The findings follow more than three decades of research by the team that discovered unconventional superconductivity in 1979. That breakthrough, which was led by MPI-CPfS Director Frank Steglich, preceded by seven years the more widely publicized discovery of unconventional superconductivity at high temperatures. In the latest study, the team revisited the same heavy-fermion material — a mix of cerium, copper and silicon — that was used in 1979, applying new experimental techniques and theoretical knowledge unavailable 30 years ago.

Submission + - Fax machines being attacked by Anonymous (

An anonymous reader writes: Anonymous has claimed responsibility for distributed denial of service attacks against several anti-WikiLeaks websites this month. In a novel twist to the campaign, Mission Leakflood has started a new DDoS attack against fax numbers belonging to Amazon, MasterCard, Moneybookers, PayPal, Visa and Tableau Software. Some numbers have already stopped responding, and Twitter and PostFinance have since been added to the target list.

Comment Re:Security is NOT an issue with The Cloud. (Score 0) 142

I don't see how RSS feeds or HTTP are in any way related to security. Unless you mean "SSL and HTTP" together, which would be called HTTPS. MD5 has been proven to be insecure and can even knock out SSL. "Secure" is a word that's overused, and just because it appears in that context doesn't mean that it's justified.

I'm not an expert, but you don't sound like you know much about this topic. Your sources are exactly what you said - glorious marketing literature intending to advertise cloud computing as the best thing since sliced bread.

Comment Re:As a fan of WikiLeaks... (Score 1) 142

Certainly, if Wikileaks manage to cause real changes in the USA's government and weaken the corporations behind it, this government may try to actually look at something else than cheap labour or resources when they're visiting China. I bloody hope this happens, though I have my doubts. I certainly would go on the streets if I lived in the USA. But if the vast majority are too lazy or too scared to do anything, then we are out of luck. For a few decades, at least. What we, the western world, think, is important for China and allies, if they like it or not. We have seen what economical communism has done with China back in the 50s, when they didn't give a shit about most countries.

Comment Re:Disgusting to hear for a gamer (Score 1) 439

the general experience has not been very deep.

Well, I can't agree with that. But that's dependent on your personal viewpoint.

Guess what? I played and loved Zelda and Mario 25 years ago. Guess what else? They got old.

To some people, they got old. I haven't yet played all mario games (platformers), but the ones I've played have a good replay value. Zelda games aren't as good in that point, but great nevertheless. And there are still people who are new to these franchises who enjoy the games as much as us.

McDonald's is very popular and has a broad impact on our eating habits. That doesn't make their food good. Now, that also isn't saying Nintendo's bad, I'm just saying that sales/affect don't make a company great.

That's right, sales don't make a company good, the foremost example being EA in this article. Still, Nintendo hasn't made its money by producing masses of cheap games sold for three times their worth. They have produced solid games that are worth their money.

I also don't want to be playing Mario and Zelda 25 years from now.

You know what? If Nintendo got up and produced a level editor for one Mario game, that's done for me.

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