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Comment FFS (Score 1) 239

Can I please just keep my email, please? I don't want your filters, I don't want you telling me that I've got ten minutes to board a plane as I already sodding know this. Whenever anyone tries to apply an algorithm to my data they manage to hide the things I care about and show me nothing but the bullshit I can't stand. Does this really have to be the fate of my email, as well?

Comment Good. (Score 1) 267

What I want to know, and hitherto have not bothered to look up, is who in the chain of responsibility decided that we should have been forced to go from something that worked to something that required you to learn how to use stupid new-age UI paradigms that don't sodding work. I don't want to swipe things in I don't want to search when I know where things are I don't want things hiding from me TBH, I'm still sticking with MATE. Coz this shit's annoying.

Comment Re:TI calculators are not outdated, just overprice (Score 2) 359

But then you'd need to include a Li-ion battery because those screens chew through AAs like no-one's business. Students, who basically throw the calculator in the bag after they've done their homework would forget to get it charged, would then no longer have the option of asking teacher for some spare batteries and would need to work chained to a wall-wart.

Comment NO NO NO (Score 1) 322

They've been trying this shit for YEARS and fucked it up EVERY TIME. A phone is not a tablet is not a laptop is not a desktop is not a games console. They have been throwing away good, functional UIs in favour of making an unusable compromise run on everything. If they're talking about a windows "kernel" then fine, I get it. But they won't be.

Comment Blech... (Score 1) 218

This is a shitty, monopolistic way to go about it, but amazon kind of have a point. eBooks, a product which has no per-unit cost often cost the same amount, or *slightly* less to purchase on Kindle. If there's no physical cost to produce, then it's a shitty move to try getting the customer to pay the same for what is frankly an inferior product.

Comment Re:Lots of alternatives.. (Score 2) 483

It's more the deal that if you're a large drugs company why would you make one of these drugs when it's going to be such small batches as it's not used therapeutically? Your drug companies are too big to bother, and probably don't want the negative press of making drugs exclusively used to kill people.

Comment Why (Score 1) 237

Why bother? Really? Just stop. Why are you changing anything when we have made it very clear that everyone. will. just. leave? It'll take a small group of we developers about a week to write a virtual clone of the current site and we'll all move there. The sysadmins will know the best way to scale it. The ad-revenue plan will fall on its arse as all the well paid professionals your advertisers are so desperate to court leave.

Comment I ditched Ubuntu a long time ago (Score 2) 597

I ditched Ubuntu about 18 months ago. I really, *really* hate the "Search for your stuff even if you know where it is" paradigm, and trying to use it just makes me infuriated. Moved back to Debian for servers and Debian back Mint for desktops a long time ago. Only problem with Mint is that by default you're stuck with whatever search / content provider affiliates they've decided you want.

Comment Re:Small Carrier (Score 1) 288

Correction: Boost and Cricket both use the Sprint CDMA network.

If he's bringing his own phone from a different country he'll need a GSM/HSPDA network. Globally, LTE should be the single standard once 4G is on worldwide rollout, but it won't be there for years. Maximum interoperability requires GSM. I've spent way too long looking at mobile phone standards in the last couple of weeks.

Comment Re:I'm in the same boat, and solved this problem (Score 1) 288

You appear to be on an incredibly cheap deal... In the UK, my pay-monthly charges are ~£35 a month, including "unlimited" internet that throttles back to EDGE if you try going over 2GB The UK operators, it is noted, paid an insane amount of money for their UK 3G licences in 2001, which they are still trying to recoup. I'm also paying for a Galaxy SII that got nicked.

Comment Re:I'm in the same boat, and solved this problem (Score 1) 288

I had trouble getting the kit retail, so I got a colleague with a US card to order a couple of SIMs for me online. Yeah, it's got a silly fifteen digit activation code on the paper slip. $440? for the Galaxy Nexus GSM, though? It's $349 on Google's direct sale site... There are about ten of us from the UK on a US project, and we've all got onto this plan, and five of us have bought the Galaxy Nexus. Great combination.

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